Doctor Who star urges Russell T. Davies to bring him back

Doctor Who: BBC release anniversary special trailer

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Speaking exclusively to, Doctor Who actor Frazer Hines has said he’d love to make a comeback to the show. Hines, 78, portrayed Jamie McCrimmon in the family programme between 1966 and 1969 as well as appearing in a couple of the Doctor Who specials, the 20th-anniversary edition The Five Doctors in 1983 and The Two Doctors in 1985. On wanting to come back to the BBC series, Hines said: “Yes. A lot of the fans they [would love] to have Jamie back.

“And I’ve got an idea for a story and I’d love to meet Russell T. Davies and say, ‘This is my story for a story, give it to him.’

“One story. I don’t want to be forever a companion. A great idea for a story. So one episode and I’m out.”

However, Hines kept his cards close to his chest and wouldn’t share any details on his possible farewell story for Jamie.

The British actor is also the longest-serving Doctor Who companion with 113 episodes to his name with Elisabeth Sladen’s Sarah Jane Smith coming in second place with 86.

“I don’t think that will ever be beaten because Jenna Coleman did three years as well but not the same amount of episodes. They’ll never do that amount of episodes again,” the star said of his tenure in the Tardis.

On Jamie’s appeal, Hines said: “I don’t know, I can’t put my finger on why Jamie was so popular.

“Maybe it was because he was brave? He just seemed to get the viewers. The fans like him.”

He went on to say Jamie’s “innocence” was part of his charm. Hines explained: “I call them ‘Jamie-isms’.

“He can ask silly questions – it could be silly but the thing I found about Jamie, I was the kid sitting at home. I could ask the questions that the kids would ask.”

The star still appears at Doctor Who fan conventions with Whovians eager to meet the veteran companion.

Hines watches Doctor Who now and said he liked some of outgoing Doctor Jodie Whittaker’s stories.

The star also shared an anecdote about meeting 12th Time Lord Peter Capaldi while he was working on a play in Cardiff.

Hines described Capaldi as a “lovely man”, who invited him to come to the BBC Doctor Who studio while filming was taking place to take photos with him on the Tardis set.

He praised Capaldi: “Now, not many actors would do that. He was a lovely man and I would love to meet him again and shake his hand because he is lovely.”

Moreover, the on-set director Rachel Talalay also pointed to Hines and told the rest of the crew: “Without him, without his Doctor, we wouldn’t be working here today.’ And they gave me a round of applause.”

This year marks a big one for Doctor Who as the show gears up to mark its 60th anniversary with Davies returning as showrunner after stepping down in 2010.

He will be bringing David Tennant back with him to feature in a handful of episodes, alongside Catherine Tate as companion Donna Noble.

Moreover, Davies will be ushering in a new era with Ncuti Gatwa debuting as the 14th Time Lord.

The 60th special has already been filmed and is expected to be airing in November to coincide with the anniversary.

Work is also taking place on the new episodes but there’s no date yet when these will be airing with the BBC expected to announce transmission dates closer to the time.

Doctor Who will return to BBC One later this year.

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