Does Ade Edmondson's character Daniel Cook die in EastEnders?

The legendary Ade Edmonson has made quite the impression on EastEnders since joining the soap in summer.

Introduced as the love interest of Jean Slater (Gillian Wright), his character Daniel Cook managed to wind his fellow cancer patient right up after the two met in a hospital ward.

However the pair soon grew close, sharing stories about their lives and soon admitting their feelings for one another.

Does Ade Edmonson’s character Daniel Cook die in EastEnders?

Jean will indeed be hit with heart-breaking news in coming scenes when she learns Daniel has died.

The blow comes after Daniel admitted to Jean his cancer had spread, which in turn will come just after she receives promising news about her own prognosis.

As she struggles to come to terms with Daniel’s death, only time will tell how the devastation will affect her.

EastEnders bosses announced Ade would appear in the soap in spring, with the former comedian making his Walford debut in June.

When asked how he felt to join the cast, Ade said: ‘There were only fifteen boys on my drama course at Manchester Uni, and I’ll be the third to appear in EastEnders – so I feel it’s a kind of tradition!’

EastEnders is next on tonight, 10 October, at &:30pm on BBC One.

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