Does Sean Slater die in tragic EastEnders suicide storyline?

Sean Slater might not have always had the strongest of moral centres during his time in Walford, but now, we know that all the trauma he’s been through and the guilt over what he’s done has become too much to bear.

Sean’s (played by Rob Kazinsky) had a pretty hard go of it on EastEnders, and at least in the past, the amoral fella has given as good as he’d got.

Now, however, it seems that the psychological damage of the past has finally caught up with him, as we know the reason Sean came back to The Square was not to do more damage, but to try and make amends before ultimately taking his own life.

Will he follow through with his tragic plan, or will he be able to accept help and find the peace he so desperately needs?

Will Sean Slater die by suicide?

Ever since Sean came back to Walford, he and his mum Jean (Gillian Wright) have been able to grow closer, with Sean becoming increasingly moved by how strong Jean is being in the midst of her battle with cancer.

However, Jean was even worse for wear after an accident resulted in a cut on her leg that wouldn’t stop bleeding, and Sean decided he needed to get something off his chest before it was too late.

He made a confession to his mother about something which has been weighing him down for years – that he was the one who had inadvertently caused the death of his own father, Brian.

Many years ago, after a fight between Sean and his dad resulted in Sean punching Brian, Brian ended up passing away the next day as a result of subsequent brain bleed.

This awful tragedy caused Sean to run away and join the army at the age of just 16, and very likely set him on the troubled road he’s been on ever since.

After telling his mother this, he ran from their cottage, saying he was going to put things right, but soon afterwards, Jean passed out, and we don’t yet know if she survives her injuries.

If Jean really is dead, this could well be the straw that breaks the camel’s back, and pushes Sean over the edge for good.

On the subject of this exceedingly heavy storyline, Rob Kazinsky told ‘We reach millions of people a week – if 1% of people are helped by what we’re doing with Sean then that’s a huge amount of people who might reach out.

‘What I wanted to say more than anything is that when you are in that place when you feel there is no way out, you have to ask for help. I have lost too many friends who didn’t and it was such a shock – they seemed so fine and that’s always the way.

‘What I wanted to show was even someone like Sean Slater – someone with so many barriers and guards and such broad shoulders – he needs help and he can ask for it. Him asking for help is the one thing I wanted to show people. That will save your life and it’s okay to need help.’

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