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EMOTIONAL footage from Beth Chapman's funeral shows a heartbroken Dog the Bounty Hunter recounting how the pair met as he chokes back tears.

The funeral, held in Colorado, was live streamed to the public with 26,000 of Beth's fans tuning in to pay their respects to the late bounty hunter.

Real name Alice Elizabeth Chapman, Beth married Duane 'Dog the Bounty Hunter' Chapman in 2006 following an on-again-off-again fling after they first met the 80's.

Beth sadly died from an 18-month battle with throat and lung cancer on in June this year, leaving her family devastated.

Family and friends gave emotional speeches at the service, including husband, Dog, and their two kids Garry and Bonnie.


"I met Beth, I posted her bond for stealing a lemon," Dog recounts, to laughter from friends and family gathered at the funeral, a "celebration" of Beth's life.

"She walked into the office and I thought 'oh yes she will be mine" he continues.

Dog explains how he rushed to get Beth's case finished because his manager didn't allow him to date clients.

A heartbroken dog, who says he was "completely unprepared" for Beth's death, breaks down as he addresses the crowd.

"I cannot believe she's gone, this is not possible" Beth's heartbroken husband sobs.

"I want to wake up from a dream."

Dog says he'd "do five years, 10 years" in the state penitentiary "just to kiss her again.

Sobbing, he says "I have never felt like this."

“She was so gorgeous,” he told the mourners. “People would say that and she wouldn’t never believe it, but I told her all the time she is gorgeous, she was so pretty.”


Beth and Dog's kids, Bonnie and Garry opened the service, which honoured Beth's larger-than-life personality and quick whit, with heartbreaking speeches.

Putting on a brave face, Beth's 20-year-old daughter, Bonnie Jo Chapman said "Beth Chapman will never be forgotten, and that's something I can say with confidence.

"No-one will yell at people as great as she did, no one," Bonnie continues to more laughter from funeral guests – Beth was known for her tough-as-nails persona on the reality TV shows Dog the Bounty Hunter and Dog and Beth: On The Hunt.

"No one will be as great of a mother as she was, she has taught all of her children to be independent, to stick up for themselves and to do what they think is right," Bonnie said.

She ended her speech by saying "I hope that you all can take a lesson from her as well, I hope that you all do what you think is right, and don't let anyone stop you."

Dog had to step in and comfort his and Beth's son, Garry as he broke down during his speech.


"I'm just sad she's not going to see me graduate college and get sworn in as a cop," Garry, 18, said as he visibly held back tears, tilting his head away from the audience as he tried to hide his grief before being pulled into a hug from his dad.

Celebrity guests at the funeral included Kiss bassist Gene Simmons' wife, erotic thriller actress Shannon Tweed with Dog's son LeLand, who had previously been hospitalised, also making an appearance.

LeLand Chapman was injured after he tore a ligament chasing down a man who dodged a court date – it was his first hunt without his step-mum, Beth.

The service in Colorado follows a traditional Hawaiian memorial for Beth that was held at Fort DeRussy Beach, Honolulu.


Both services were open to the public at Beth's wish, so that fans of the reality TV star and bounty hunter could pay their respects.

The service in Colorado, held at the Heritage Christian Center, was more for Beth's family, Dog explained, as most of his side lived out in Hawaii.

Beth lost a two year battle with throat and lung cancer on June 26.

She had surgery to remove a tumour from her throat in 2017, but the cancer returned the following year and had spread to her lungs.

Dog says that he was completely unprepared for his wife's death and has revealed that she begged him to "let her go".

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Beth was cremated, with some of her ashes being spread into the sea at the traditional memorial service held for her in Hawaii – which she had planned prior to her death.

Beth has asked Dog to keep some of her ashes and for them to be mixed with his upon his death.

The Chapman family have revealed that dying Beth's last words were that she loved them.

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