‘Don’t want to’ A Place in the Sun buyer refuses to view Laura Hamilton’s ‘wrong choice’

A Place in the Sun: Couple refuse to continue property viewing

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Laura Hamilton was back on Friday with a new episode of A Place in the Sun. The Channel 4 property expert was on a mission to find Martin and Sonia their perfect holiday home around the Messinia Peninsula in Greece. The couple who had a maximum budget of £125,000 to spend were hoping to find a two-bed property that will be their forever home.

Laura seemed to get off to a great start with her first property when she showed the couple a house priced above their budget at £136,000.

Sonia and Martin seemed to like the holiday home, but were hoping to get more for their money.

However, things quickly took a turn when they viewed the second house which was priced at £119,000.

As they stepped foot inside, Martin and Sonia were quick to point out faults with the property.

When asked by Laura if they wanted to continue with the search, the couple shut down the property expert and ended the viewing early.

“It’s not finished,” Martin explained as Sonia added: “I don’t like the cave structure at the end.

“It’s dark, there’s a little window there and a little window there, that is it. It’s not doing anything for me, I’ve got no good feeling about it.”

“So what would you like to do?” Laura hesitantly asked. “Martin, would you like to look at any more of this property?”

“My wife doesn’t like it so there’s no point at the moment,” he replied.

“I don’t want to look at it at all,” Sonia continued putting a stop to the search. “I do not want to look at it.”

Admitting defeat, Laura replied: “Location is very wrong here and it sounds like the property is very wrong as well.”

Things didn’t go much better with the third home after the house hunters admitted to Laura they had viewed it before.

Sonia and Martin explained they went to see the holiday home before the build had even begun.

However, despite seeing it before, the duo seemed to be blown away by the property which was priced above their budget at £123,000.

The fourth house on the list was a renovated village house that came with a large terrace on the side.

Priced at a bargain of £90,000, Sonia told Laura the holiday home, “blew the others out of the water”.

The fifth and final property was a two-bed house with an annexe priced at £128,000.

Despite her reservations at first, Sonia seemed to fall in love with the property after inspecting it further.

“It’s an amazing house,” Sonia beamed as she praised the stunning views.

However, when it came to making a decision, the couple seemed confused over their options.

In the end, they decided to put an offer in for the house they had viewed last year.

Sonia and Martin put in an offer of £107,000 which was rejected, and so they put in a counter offer of £115,000, which was accepted by the current owners.

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays at 4pm on Channel 4.

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