EastEnders fans furious as soap ‘recycles’ same storyline twice in a week with both Mel and Alfie coming back from the dead

On Christmas Day fans saw Alfie Moon's lifeless body miraculously come back to life, and last night it was Mel Owen's turn to come back from the dead.

After watching Alfie get pushed down the stairs by Hayley Slater, it soon transpired he wasn't dead at all but faking it in order to steal his daughter Cherry away.

And one week later viewers watched Mel Owen brutally strangled to 'death' by fiance Ray Kelly and come back to life.

And for some fans the novelty had worn off as many rushed to Twitter to air their grievances.

One grumbled: "Are Eastenders script writers running out of ideas. [sic]"

Another questioned: "#Eastenders how many dead bodies are gonna come back to life ?? Alfie then Mel …. c’mon script writers you can’t keep flogging the same dead horse ? !!! [sic]"

One even joked: "Does nobody in eastenders know how to check a pulse??[sic]"

Fans couldn't help but compare the two storylines, with one commenting: "Back from the dead. Again. Walford is Zombies-ville. First Alfie, now Mel. Really gone to the dogs."

Another wrote: "Well I suppose if rising from the dead is good enough for Alfie, it's good enough for Mel…"

One joked: #EastEnders was a mad one. Alfie, not dead. And Mel not dead! How many lives do they have in that square?

While another poked fun and said: "I think it’s fair to say that Mel has pulled an Alfie."

Clearly not impressed, another fan wrote: "People have a thing about hiding bodies behind doors this festive season in Walford! Except most of the time those bodies are well and truly alive! #EastEnders."

Another grumbled: "She isn’t dead. She’s just signed another contract! What’s with all this pretend death storylines at the moment??? #EastEnders."

The episode ended with Mel marrying Ray so she could get hold of his money, but things didn't go to plan when the police arrived at the church just after they tied the knot.

Ray's previous wives had gone to the police to report the serial cheat, with the slippery character being arrested for bigamy as the dramatic instalment came to a close.

EastEnders continues on BBC One.



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