EastEnders fans hail Lexi as the ‘voice of reason’ as she issues dating advice

EastEnders fans have hailed Lexi Pearce as the “voice of justice” as she dishes out dating advice to her confused mother Lola on Friday night.

This past week has seen Isaac Baptiste toy with the idea of moving back to Trinidad with his other Shree after his latest hospitalisation following his schizophrenic episode.

And it was fair to say the blonde bombshell was less than impressed when she found out Ben Mitchell had told her ex-boyfriend Peter Beale to visit her to help take her mind off of things.

But it was her daughter Lexi who gave her the best advice of the day, as she confidently told her mother she should get back together with Isaac.

While Lexi was preparing to head out for a day with her father, she overheard her parents arguing over Lola’s recent breakup.

Frustrated with Ben’s opinions, Lexi argued: “You never wanted me to be with Isaac in the first place. Oh yeah, and I know exactly what you would have been thinking when you knew he’d got sectioned.

“Always thinking about yourself, I actually wanted to be with Isaac,” she added.

Shocked from the recent news, Lexi asked: “Mum, you broke up with Isaac? Why”

Surprised by her reaction, Lola admitted: “Because darling, I thought I was doing the right thing. That’s what everyone was telling me anyway.”

Baffled by her response, Lexi said: “You can’t just do stupid things because people tell you to. Even I know that.”

And fans quickly took to Twitter to share their opinions on the little one’s dating advice.

One user wrote: “Leci has got it sussed! Lola & Bwn got a smart kid there!”

Another agreed: “I hope Lola takes Lexi’s advice. She needs to fight for Isaac.”

A third chimed: “Lexi is the voice of reason,” with heart eyes emojos.

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