EastEnders fans hope Chantelle and Gray abuse plot saves lives after grim scenes

EastEnders viewers have heaped praise on the BBC soap for the way Jessica Plummer (Chantelle Atkins) and Toby-Alexander Smith (Gray Atkins) tackled a difficult abuse storyline.

In harrowing scenes during tonight’s instalment, Chantelle was killed at the hands of her abusive husband after she attempted to flee.

She had bravely told the lawyer she no longer loved him, and would be taking their children with her.

Lashing out, he shoved her into an open dishwasher, with his wife landing on an upstanding knife.

Disregarding her pleas for help, he covered his tracks by leaving their home and walking around Walford – in an attempt to get an alibi.

When he returned home, he chillingly ignored her dead body, instead setting up the scene before eventually calling for help.

While those watching on from home were left feeling sick, many praised soap bosses for how they handled the tough plot.

Rushing to Twitter, a viewer said: ‘Well done @bbceastenders @womensaid for bravely approaching the deeply sad reality of domestic violence through the Atkins storyline. 

‘Props to @_TobyAlexander #JessicaPlummer for such committed performances. So moved by the harrowing and powerful scenes #spEEkout #Eastenders.’

‘That socially distance stunt #Eastenders pulled off was an uncomfortable mix of just brilliant and horrific. -& the silent credits was beautiful,’ one commented.

‘I think everyone watching that tonight felt something. Domestic Violence helpline: 0800 888 809.’

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