EastEnders fans sickened as Kheerat accuses Ash of murdering her baby

EastEnders fans were disgusted this evening as Kheerat Pansear accused sister Ash of "murdering her baby" because she had an abortion.

Ash first appeared in Walford after she was introduced as Iqra's girlfriend, but little was known about her family until now.

However Sikh brothers Kheerat, Vinny and Jags have been looking for their estranged sister and found her tonight.

But their reunion quickly escalated into a row as gangster Kheerat, played by Jaz Deol, showed his nasty side.

It was revealed that their family feud had begun after Ash had a termination when she was 19 and Kheerat accused her of murdering her own baby.

When she tried to tell him to stop attempting to control what she does, Kheerat retorted: "That's the problem though, no-one ever can, always does what she likes.

"You will listen, you think you can just break mum's heart and waltz back in at the end and beg for forgiveness, I'm not having it. You've already put her through enough."

Ash hit back: "You think I want forgiveness? I was going there to tell mum I forgive her for what she did to me."

However Kheerat hit seriously below the belt and said: "What are you talking about?

"You murdered her grandchild. The truth hurts, doesn't it? The only selfless thing you ever did was not saddling that poor kid with you as a mother."

She responded: "I was 19 I didn't want a kid. You and mum made it very clear how welcome I was after I had the abortion."

And viewers were disgusted.

One tweeted: "Kheerat my man… see I was trying to love you but never mind #EastEnders."

While another commented: "Kheerat is nasty. #EastEnders."

A third remarked: "I like Kheerat but honestly tonight he p***ed me off the way he spoke to Ash was so uncalled for #EastEnders."

*EastEnders airs tomorrow at 8pm on BBC One

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