EastEnders Linda theories – Mick exit, Janine murder plot and tragic death

EastEnders' Linda Carter has suffered plenty since she first appeared in Walford back in 2013.

The character, played by Kellie Bright, has been through some harrowing storylines including being raped by Dean Wicks (Matt Di Angelo), the breakdown of her marriage to Mick Carter (Danny Dyer), and a troubled battle with alcoholism.

More recently, she has found herself fall victim to Janine Butcher's evil schemes.

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Back in June, Janine framed a drunk Linda for a car accident and scenes that aired this week saw Janine lie to social services which led to Linda's daughter, Annie, getting taken away from her.

The current war between Janine and Linda, alongside the announcement that Danny Dyer will be departing the show later this year, has caused fans to speculate what is next in store for the character.

Tragic death

Earlier this year, Danny Dyer announced that he would be leaving the BBC soap and that his final scenes would be airing around Christmas.

The confirmation of his departure has left fans wondering how Linda will tie into the exit, with many predicting a tragic ending for the former husband and wife.

Fans have theorized that a reunion is on the horizon, but it may be short-lived, as one user penned on Twitter: "I feel like mick is gonna die in Linda arms #EastEnders."

"Mick and Linda to work things out and him to die in her arms #EastEnders," echoed a second.

Despite Janine trying her best to drive a wedge between them, Mick and Linda have been growing closer in recent episodes and almost shared a kiss before Linda's court case.

Others theorized that while they think Mick and Linda will eventually get their happy ending, it will be short-lived and will tie in with Mick's exit.

"It annoys me that we are wasting Danny’s precious final months with everyone thinking that Linda crashed the car… at this rate we’ll probs get about 3 days of Mick and Linda being reunited before he leaves for good," said one user.

Another added: "Watching up on #EastEnders and Mick is finally catching on to what Janine has been up to. I hope Linda and Mick finally get their happy ending before Danny Dyer leaves."

Linda leaves with Mick

Back in June, Kellie, 46, did an interview and revealed she had no plans to leave the soap as she discussed Danny Dyer's exit.

She told Inside Soap: "I'm happy to stay at the moment although I am obviously sad to see Danny go," she said, adding: "Hand on heart. I don't have a clue what the show has planned for Linda after Mick has gone – I haven't asked and feel as if I can't quite go there yet.

"I want to enjoy the rest of my time here with Danny and we're so busy. I don't feel the need to look that far ahead yet. They might decide Linda doesn't work without Mick one day!"

But despite this, fans aren't convinced and took to Reddit with their thoughts on a possible exit for Linda.

One wrote: "Despite Kellie doing an interview saying she’s not leaving, upon re-read she has answered the questions very carefully – there’s room for interpretation let’s just say. I still think she’s leaving with Danny (Mick & Linda sunset ending etc) but can’t confirm it yet as it would give the story game away…"

Another took to Twitter and said: "If Mick is leaving alive I hope that he leaves happy with Linda. They’re one of the best soap couples of all time. They’ve overcome so much and deserve a happy ending. #EastEnders."

Janine murder plot

It wouldn't be far fetched to consider the possibility of Janine killing someone to get what she wants.

Janine famously committed murder for the first time in 2003 when she pushed her then-husband Barry off a cliff and now, fans are wondering whether it could be time for her to strike again for the fourth time.

One predicted that Janine goes as far as killing Mick to stop Linda from getting her happy ending: "I bet Janine is going to kill Mick just so Linda can't have him. #EastEnders."

A second echoed: "Mick and linda get re-married & then janine kills mick at the wedding???"

Janine then tries to kill linda & mick dies saving her!!!," theorized a another

Meanwhile others think that it's Linda who will meet her end at the hands of Janine as one wrote: "I reckon Janine is ready to murder Linda #eastenders."

"Janine is deffo gonna try and kill Linda," said another.

While a third predicted: "I reckon Janine kills Linda and thats how mick leaves #EastEnders."

EastEnders airs Monday to Thursday at 7:30pm on BBC One

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