Eastenders spoilers: Ben teams up with Callum to find missing pregnant sister Louise

BEN Mitchell will team up with his secret lover Callum Highway in a bid to track down his missing sister, Louise, in EastEnders next week.

The pair join forces as Ben – who’s played by Max Bowden – gets a new lead on finding Louise, but will passion spark between the pair again?

Callum – Tony Clay – is preparing to tie the knot to fiancée Whitney Dean in the coming weeks and is left feeling awkward when his brother, Stuart, assumes he’s going to be best man.

Callum struggles to break the news to him that he’s got it wrong, but Stuart bombards him with plans for the stag do.

Eventually Callum manages to be honest with Stuart.

Meanwhile Phil Mitchell – Steve McFadden – grills Keegan Baker over whether or not he’s heard from his brother Keanu Taylor.

Could Keegan provide the lead for tracking down the missing couple?

EastEnders fans were shocked when Keanu and Louise decided to go on the run together as it became clear Keanu was being set up for the attack that almost killed Phil.

Keanu then realised his days were numbered when Sharon Mitchell accidentally let slip that he was the father of her unborn baby, not husband Phil.

The hunky mechanic reeled with shock as it dawned on him that he’d got Phil’s wife and daughter pregnant.

He quickly decided that the safest place for him to be was anywhere apart from Walford and managed to convince pregnant Louise – who’s still in the dark about his fling with Sharon – to leave with him.

Taking to Twitter to comment on it, one person wrote: "As if Louise would just leave her dad who is in hospital to run away with the number one suspect in his attack? #EastEnders"

A second added: "Sorry but Louise would last 30 minutes on the run before she does Keanus head in. #EastEnders"

While a third wrote: "Oh come on, why would Louise run away with Keanu when her dad’s just come out of a coma? #EastEnders"

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