EastEnders spoilers: Kim Fox tracks down missing husband Vincent Hubbard with shock twist

KIM Fox tracks down her missing husband Vincent Hubbard next week in EastEnders.  

Vincent – who was played by Richard Blackwood – disappeared in mysterious circumstances back in 2018 after getting mixed up with corrupt cop Aidan Maguire.

Next week, Kim overhears Mitch taking a cab booking for a Vince Hubbard and is stopped in her tracks. 

Phil overhears, adamant that she doesn’t cause a scene but Kim has other ideas. 

Kim tracks the booking to Walford East but she’s confused when she comes across a children’s entertainer in a costume claiming to be Vince. 

When Kim spots his wallet, she grows convinced it belongs to her husband but he runs off before she gets a chance to confront him. 

Later, Kim tells Mitch and Phil what happened and Phil realises she’s going to be a problem.

He later tells Denise to stop Kim on her mission for answers.

What is Phil hiding?

Later in the week, when Kim refuses to let it drop, an angry Phil shows something to Denise. 

Phil then makes clear to Kim that she needs to stop digging for information – or she could start to regret it.

Kim later overhears Jack and Kim talking about their plan to meet Vince and find out more about him. 

When Kim bursts in, Denise pleads with her to give it a rest, but Kim promises her and Jack that it’s game on.

Later, viewers will see a tense Kim and Jack sitting in the pub waiting for Vince, but will he turn up?

Actor Richard hinted at his character’s return back in January 2019. 

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, he said of a potential comeback: “I think it's a smart move. I want to go back – EastEnders, I would go back. I've just had a baby on the show – I don't want to be an absentee dad!"

He previously said he missed Walford, revealing at the 2019 Dancing on Ice press launch: "I'm missing it in terms of the good times that I had there and the family I had there.

"But also, I'm happy to watch it from afar and see how it's developing, but you know I'd always go back there. If there is a chance, I'd happily go back. [The door] is slightly ajar, everyone loves a Vincent so I'm happy about that."

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