EastEnders star Melissa Suffield in amazing nude body positivity

EastEnders star Melissa Suffield is continuing to promote body positivity on her ever-growing and very successful Instagram platform.

The actress, who played Lucy Beale from 2004-2010, regularly posts on her Instagram encouraging her followers to love themselves and embrace their bodies.

In a recent post, Melissa is showing off a new coat as she gets ready for an evening out.

As she changes from comfortable clothes to her glamourous outfit, Melissa confidently shows off her body.


Of course, this latest video from Melissa has loads of comments from followers, with many thanking her for always promoting body positivity.

‘Such a wonderful transformation!’, one user said.

In Melissa’s latest post, she tells followers to ‘release the squish’ and ‘wear whatever the f**k’ you like.

‘In the age of filtering apps, we’ve become so fixated on flat stomachs and flawless smooth skin, when the reality is, lots of us don’t look like that’, she writes.

‘We’re marked, rolled, dimpled, textured, fluid (and beautiful to boot). Why are we wishing for something else instead of embracing what we have? Is what we have worse?


‘Notice and recognise yourself and your beauty, even if it takes you a while to get on board. But don’t hide away. Release the squish. Get comfortable. Blow yourself a kiss. Go on, give yourself a cheeky wink too. You deserve it.’

Melissa gave birth to son River last March and often documents his life on her blog ‘The Confident Mama’.

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