EastEnders star reveals Denise's panic as she almost causes two deaths

Following the dramatic car crash in EastEnders that led to Kim (Tameka Empson) being injured and Denzel (Jaden Ladega) fighting for his life in hospital, Denise Fox (Diane Parish) is blaming herself for what happened.

It was texts from Ravi (Aaron Thiara) to her phone that distracted Kim as she was driving, causing her to crash and this only compounded the guilt Denise was feeling about how close she came to having an affair with Ravi.

Diane Parish told us that Denise has a lot of complex feelings in the aftermath of the crash as she holds herself responsible.

‘She feels awful and panicked,’ the actress revealed. ‘There’s a lot of mess surrounding her situation which I think she inevitably knew was going to come to a head but this is really the last thing she imagined; that her dear sister would be suffering the consequences of her actions. It’s a wakeup call to how bad this thing with Ravi is and how much it’s getting out of hand. Her sister and Denzel are now paying the price for her mistakes; Denzel could have died, her sister could have died and it’s because of Denise. I think she feels desperate at this point.’

In the immediate aftermath of the crash Denise has to confide in her sister about what’s been going on with Ravi and trusts Kim with the information.

‘Kim has been there from the beginning when Denise told her that she had shared a kiss with somebody,’ Diane explained.

‘Ultimately, they are sisters that will look out for each other but gratitude or relief isn’t really the words to describe how she’s feeling – there’s an understanding between the two of them that they abide by. Denise knows that it could be a matter of time before all her chickens come home to roost.’

Denise is fully aware of how her actions with Ravi have caused so much trouble – and ultimately almost led to the deaths of her precious sister and young Denzel.

‘Denise sees the consequences of her actions for the entire family. The entire family is in an absolute mess – Amy’s mental health is suffering and Jack’s case is at risk and now this crash,’ Diane told us.

‘She’s lost control and she knows she has. She played with fire and now she’s getting burnt.’

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