EastEnders theory: Jean Slater becomes killer in horror hospital plot

EastEnders: Stacey panics as she hears of Jean’s marriage plans

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EastEnders’ Jean (played by Gillian Wright) suffered a major bipolar relapse and as Stacey (Lacey Turner) tried to get her help, her mother’s refusal to co-operate made it impossible. Eventually, Jean left the Square and was found in a bad state by Stacey, who saved her from drowning herself. She is now in hospital but official spoilers for the BBC soap confirm she will plead with Stacey to get her out. When she refuses, could Jean try to take matters into her own hands?

In upcoming episodes, Stacey visits Jean in the hospital once again.

She’s taken aback when Jean starts begging her to take her out of the hospital.

Although she initially refuses, Stacey feels conflicted when she sees another patient called Ruth giving Jean a hard time.

However, she insists hospital is the best place for her, which leaves Jean devastated.

Could Jean try to do something about Ruth herself?

The last time Stacey and Harvey Monroe (Ross Boatman) went to visit Jean, they were both left feeling terrible.

The doctor informed Stacey that Jean had been having a difficult stay so far.

She explained: “Jean had an assessment, we’ve adjusted her medication.

“We will be monitoring her closely, so we should see a gradual improvement in her condition over the coming weeks, but we think the mania has now peaked.”

“Well that’s good,” Harvey replied as Stacey asked: “Can we see her?”

“Of course,” the doctor replied, but she had a warning for Stacey.

“She may be a bit tired, the resident in the room next to hers is a little challenging.”

“What do you mean, challenging?” Stacey asked, concerned.

“There’s just a few issues to iron out,” the doctor replied.

“Can’t you just move her somewhere quieter?” Stacey suggested, but the doctor explained they were pushed for space.

“It’s good to see you, mum,” Stacey told Jean, adding: “You look a bit better.”

As Stacey chatted to her mother, Jean remained silent.

“Everything will be okay, mum, we all miss you – everyone sends their love,” Stacey continued.

Harvey added: “Hi Jean, good to see you looking brighter. We’ve all been a bit worried about you.”

Jean then turned to face Harvey and said harshly: “I never loved you.”

“Mum,” Stacey began before Jean cut in to say: “I don’t think I ever loved you that much either.”

Although Stacey later told Harvey she has heard it all before from Jean while she was unwell, she still broke down in tears over seeing her mum in such a state.

It’s safe to assume the patient referred to before is probably Ruth, and with Stacey refusing to help Jean out of hospital, could Jean make a frightening decision?

It’s possible that still not in her right mind and suffering from a lack of sleep, Jean will snap and try to kill Ruth.

It could be that the pair end up getting into a fight and Jean fatally injures her.

Perhaps she will try to hatch an escape plan from the hospital but get caught.

Running out of options, Jean might wait until she is with Ruth alone and attempt to confront her.

As the women begin to turn violent towards each other, Jean may accidentally kill Ruth.

If Stacey hears her mum has attacked someone, she is bound to feel terrible about not helping her to get out of the situation in the first place.

Will Jean become a killer or could someone step in soon enough to stop things from going too far?

EastEnders continues on Monday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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