Emma ruins Jay's emotional plans for Lola and Lexi in EastEnders

Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) is set to be left furious by Emma Harding (Patsy Kensit) after she interferes with his plan in EastEnders.

Jay will try his best to convince wife Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold) to arrange counselling for struggling Lexi (Isabella Brown), but when she finally agrees, mum Emma appears and undoes all of his hard work.

Concerns are sparked for Lola and Jay when Emma reveals that Lexi called her, prompting her to come and check that Lola was okay.

Lola worries that Emma secretly gave Lexi her number, though she soon forgives her.

Jay is left furious when he then discovers that, after getting Emma’s opinion, Lola has cancelled Lexi’s appointment with the counsellor.

Unable to hold his tongue, Jay clashes with Emma over their different ways of handling Lola’s situation.

While Emma accuses him of being overprotective, Jay is adamant that Lola needs to take things easy and not do too much.

Actor Jamie Borthwick agrees with Emma’s thoughts to an extent, but explained the reasons he is like that.

‘I would [consider him overprotective] but obviously there’s that element of “well I’m here every day”, “I’ve been here the whole time and you haven’t” so whilst Jay understands Emma’s point of view, she doesn’t know their set-up and she doesn’t know how they’ve been managing.

‘Emma’s arrived and she’s got opinions on the situation but she doesn’t actually know what’s really going on. That gets Jay quite frustrated actually.’

With Emma interfering, will she and Jay manage to get along for the sake of Lola?

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