Emmerdale airs the iconic plane crash disaster today

The repeats of Classic Emmerdale have reached what could arguably be the soap’s biggest ever turning point as the plane crash disaster episode from 1993 which destroyed the village will be screened today.

Fans of nostalgia have been keeping up with early episodes of Emmerdale on ITV3 and today marks the huge moment that debris from a burning plane rained down, leaving several residents dead.

Claire King, best known for playing superbitch Kim Tate, has shared her excitement at the episode airing again, with a tweet saying: ‘Today’s ITV3 action on Emmerdale’.

And action it was. Several residents were killed and the now bumbling Eric Pollard (Chris Chittell) was actually a lot more sinister as he used the chaos to cover up the murder of his wife Elizabeth. Well, that was implied up until 2010 when the plot was changed to claim that she had actually been killed by collapsing debris.

Back in 1993, Emmerdale was continuing to try and win back viewers. The word ‘Farm’ had been removed from the title in 1989 and it was trying to move away from purely rural storylines. It was rumoured that due to falling viewers, the soap was facing the axe but the high profile plane crash reversed the fortunes and Emmerdale continues to thrive to this day.

The first of many a disaster to nearly destroy the whole village (helicopters have since fallen and lorries have since ploughed through), it attracted controversy at the time as it aired five years after the Lockerbie disaster.

Archie Brooks, Leonard Kempinski, Mark Hughes and Elizabeth Pollard were all killed, with Leonard dying on impact from the crash and Mark caught in an explosion at Whiteley’s Farm.

The village was renamed from Beckindale to Emmerdale after the tragic events of the crash.

You can relive the dramatic episodes on Thursday 28 November at 2:30pm on ITV3.

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