Emmerdale confirms horror poisoning plot for Kim Tate and reveals three first suspects

EMMERDALE has confirmed that Kim Tate IS being poisoned – with at least three suspects.

However as Kim walked into the kitchen, clearly in pain, the camera showed her drinks trolley.

A gloved hand was seen tipping a poison into Kim’s brandy – poisoning her.

Those around with access include her son Jamie, his pregnant one-night stand Gabby and Kim’s ex Will Taylor.

All three of them have motives for wanting Kim harmed.

Will vowed revenge after Kim tried to spike his daughter Dawn’s drink before a meeting with social services and cost her her son Lucas.

Jamie has been all but cut out of the family business and millions by Kim after he disappointed her with his own evil schemes.

And pregnant Gabby is determined to take control of the Tate empire for her unborn baby.

But there is a village full of people who would willingly see Kim pay for any one of her many crimes against them.

Meanwhile Kim fears she is suffering from dementia like her own father.

And fans are feeling sorry for the soap superbitch.

One wrote: "My money is on Gabby!"

A second said: "We all think it's Gabby spiking the drink but I'm starting to think it's Jamie as he does have access to all kinds of medication."

Another added: "I'm sure it's Will poisoning Kim."

A fourth shared: "So Will, Jamie or Gabby. Or will we get someone else come out of the woodwork, maybe Joe's back?"

Another fan hinted that Gabby had been plotting to take over Kim's job, writing: "Gabby, as the looks on her face say it all. She wants Home Farm!"

In last night's episode the businesswoman was found unconscious on the floor by cleaner Lydia Dingle.

And after some gentle prodding, Kim opened up about what has been happening to her.

She has been suffering from memory loss, fainting spells and blackouts.

Later, Lydia caught Kim googling for dementia symptoms – and she opened up to her and Gabby about what she’s been going through.

“My dad had a slow, painful death,” she said as she spoke of his dementia symptoms. 

“Started out with forgetfulness, confusion and blackouts. 

“Within a year he couldn’t even look after himself – I can’t face that, I won’t. I keep forgetting things – basic things.” 

Viewers will have to tune in to find out who has been plotting to bump off the businesswoman.

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