Emmerdale fans beg for reunion as Kyle is ‘torn apart’ from Cain after release

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    Emmerdale fans were left heartbroken after youngster Kyle moved back into the village after he was granted bail at his court hearing.

    During Thursday night’s trip to the Dales (January 19), viewers welcomed Amy’s son back with open arms despite facing jail time for Al Chapman’s death.

    But his return to the show didn’t go quite as smoothly as first thought after Amy Wyatt (Natalie Ann Jamieson) and Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) locked horns over custody of their son.

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    After the two shared a loving embrace, Kyle was quick to rush off with his dad for a trip to the park together.

    But his mum didn't waste any time stepping between them, as she explained to Kyle that he wasn't allowed to see his father due to his criminal past.

    She teased: "We have talked about this, haven't we, and you know what the judge said."

    Cain swiftly pointed out: "Well, the judge isn't here, what harm is spending a little time with him going to do?

    "Come on, he's been traumatised after today" he added, but it wasn't enough to sway Amy's decision as the youngster ran off with Matty for a milkshake in the park.

    Before he ran off, Cain reassured him, saying: "I'll come and find you in a bit, okay? We've got some catching up to do."

    And he wasn't the only one who was upset that Kyle couldn't share a cuddle with his old man, as fans flooded to Twitter to criticise ITV bosses online.

    One user penned: "Will Amy wind her neck in? #Emmerdale If her own lies are exposed she could be locked up instead of Kyle."

    Another agreed: "That joy. That reunion. Father & son. Cain & Kyle. Priceless [cuddle emoji] #emmerdale."

    A third chimed in with: "Social services now realise what brilliant parents Kyle has……..Coughs…oops sorry #emmerdale."

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    While the parenting duo engaged in a fierce row outside their home, Matty Barton (Ash Palmisciano) took the pre-teen down to the Woolpack to thank Caleb Dingle for his help getting him out of the secure children’s home.

    But it’s fair Matty’s poor babysitting skills didn’t go down too well with viewers as they took to Twitter to share their criticisms online.

    One user penned: “Killer Kyle getting treats after filling our hear Woody with lead #emmerdale ” while another pointed out: “#Emmerdale Yes, the judge will be delighted that Kyle is taken straight into a drunken Dingle pub!”

    A third echoed: “So it’s ok for Big Man Matty to take Killer Kyle into the boozer while he’s on bail but he can’t see his old dad? #Emmerdale."


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