Emmerdale fans convinced Lachlan White’s dad Donny is behind the break-in at the farm and Vanessa’s stabbing

The titillating theory has made the rounds on Twitter, despite the character last appearing in the ITV soap in 2015.

One fan said on Twitter: "THEORY: I have a very weird and strange feeling that #LachlanWhite’s dad #DonnyCairn could be tied to #KimTate and Home Farm … #Emmerdale"

Another wrote on twitter: "You guys realize Donny is in the cast list for week two. Yes. That Donny. #Emmerdale"

And one eagle-eyed viewer backed the claim, but said Jessie Grant's son Billy Fletcher could become a suspect.

They wrote: "I am pretty sure it is Lachlan's Dad that is doing all of it because he is in the cast list for January 7th/11th.

"There is a chance that Billy will get blamed at first but I am thinking Emmerdale is going to try to redeem him instead of making him a villain."

Meanwhile, another fan claimed: "So, went to the barbers today and there’s a new guy there who just happens to be an actor and is playing Lachlan’s dad in emmerdale. Who’d ‘a thought!… #secondjob #Actorslife #smallworld"

Actor Alan Convy previously starred as Jared Hall in Doctors, from 2009 until 2015. He was also a presenter on short-lived TV show RI:SE in 2002.

Lachlan arrived in Emmerdale in 2014 when he was just fifteen years old.

He was in a relationship with Belle, and has so far murdered his mum and grandfather, Chrissie and Lawrence, his best friend Gerry and his 'fake' uncle Terry.

He also attempted to murder Liv Flaherty, Robert Sugden, businessman Freddy and Sam Dingle.

It's thought he has murdered his aunt, Rebecca White, though villagers have been led to believe she's moved to Ibiza.

Speaking about Lachlan's previous murders, actor Thomas Atkinson explained: "I think Lachlan tries to justify his actions, so everything he's done so far has been for his relationship with Belle.

He added: "He's going to get a lot darker, which some of the audience might not like but for me it's fun anyway.

"It's going to be quite interesting."

What's more, Thomas is keen for Lachlan to continue his murderous streak.

He said: "It's a bit weird but yeah I think I would [like Lachlan to kill again].

"For me as an actor it's interesting to do, so how can I not want that?"


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