Emmerdale fans fear Billy’s downfall after Alex left to die in hit and run

Emmerdale fans have been left fearing for their favourite, Billy Fletcher, after he left Alex Moore for dead after an accidental hit and run on Thursday.

During the latest episode, Billy and wife Dawn Fletcher were left delighted as they gained legal custody of Alex's children.

Alex is the father of Dawn's son, Lucas, and she has since taken in Clemmie, who is Alex's daughter and Lucas' half-sister.

However, in true soap style, their celebrations were soon thwarted as Billy accidentally hit Alex in his car before driving off, leaving him for dead.

Prior to the incident, Alex, who has been planning to raid the village's surgery and steal medicine for weeks, went through with his plan.

But his plans were soon thwarted when he was spotted by Charles Anderson as he tried to report him to the police but Alex attacked him before fleeing on foot.

Later, Alex, who had managed to escape, rang secret girlfriend Clare as he demanded she come meet him – but as he ran across a derelict countryside road, Billy, who had been out to get dinner, accidentally hit Alex with his car.

Billy left Alex for dead, driving home to tell Dawn as they then both made their way back to the scene of the crime, where police had turned up.

Confessing to his wife that it wasn't him who had called emergency services, and it was someone else, Billy tried to hand himself in but Dawn stopped him.

Asking if Alex saw him, Dawn said: "If he did we have a problem… if he’s alive…"

However, fans have already been left worrying about Billy's downfall as they questioned whether Alex's phone recorded anything.

Taking to Twitter, one person said: "Was his phone still on and recorded Billy #emmerdale."

Elsewhere, a different account put: "Don't understand why Billy didn't just take Alex to the Hospital. He must know now his screwed. #emmerdale."

Another follower wrote: "If what happened between Billy & Alex was just a total accident, why run? Only gona make it look so much worse when the truth comes out. Also Dawn's a idiot 'Only have a problem if Alex wakes up' yea cos the Police aren't gona investigate really? Especially after Meena #Emmerdale."

While a different fan added: "Why didn't he just call 999 for goodness sake!"

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