Emmerdale fans fear for Harriet Finch as she’s forced to move Malone’s body

EMMERDALE fans are fearing for Harriet Finch after she promised God she would walk the right path – before she was forced to move Malone’s body.

The vicar – who is played by Katherine Dow Blyton in the ITV soap – has broken most of the 10 commandments and quite a few laws this year.

She helped kill Malone and then covered up his death to protect her step daughter Dawn Taylor.

But tonight after snapping at busybody Nicola King, Harriet got a handle of herself and made a deal with God.

She told him: “Alright big man, long time no speak. Well there was the incident, that was more of a rant than a chat, wasn’t it? 

“So come on then, marks out of ten for my vicaring this year. I’ve only covered up one murder, only had one affair. 

“I’ve only had sex in the vestry once which let’s face it is a lot less than some years. 

“I swear I will do better. 2020’s been, well, it’s been what it’s been. And when the time comes you’ll judge me for what I’ve been and how I’ve been and I’ll accept that of course. 

“But from now I will start deserving to wear this collar and I will make myself worthy of your love. Lord I promise I will walk the right path, starting right now.”

However Harriet’s life was thrown into turmoil when the daughter of the man whose grave Malone is buried in arrived.

She told her she was planning on having her father dug up and moved to be nearer her home, leaving Harriet horrified.

But fans are worried that it will be too much for Harriet.

One wrote: "Did Harriet not say to Dawn not to worry she buried him deep enough that no one would find him even before they buried that other man."

A second said: "Now what will Harriet do – dig him up again??"

Another added: "You couldn't make it up bury someone then throw another body in there now someone wants to dig the original body up."

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