Emmerdale fans 'rumble' baby Thomas DNA twist – and it will rock Jamie's world | The Sun

WILL Taylor continues his search for Jamie Tate in the ITV Dales and asked for a DNA test to double his chances.

But following the results, Emmerdale fans believe the vanished character may not actually be Thomas' father after all.

Jamie Tate (portrayed by Alexander Lincoln) has disappeared from the Yorkshire village and his family initially believed he perished in a car accident in September, 2021.

Fans were shown this wasn't the case and when Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) caught on, fearing he may return to Emmerdale, Will Taylor (Dean Andrews) set out to try and find him.

Gabby has been mortified at the prospect of the troublemaker returning to the titular village to snatch their son Thomas from her.

Will was firstly convinced Jamie could be staying with Andrea Tate's mother Hazel and their daughter Millie.

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However, he failed to find evidence supporting the theory, prompting him to hire a private investigator called Mike, who spotted a man matching Jamie's description.

The latter told Will he would need a sample of Jamie's DNA to see if he really was still alive and asked for some of Thomas' hair.

But they were shocked to realise the man Mike had found was no match with Thomas' DNA – although he did have a connection to the Tate family.

This has led fans to speculate that Jamie may not be the father of Gabby's son.

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"Gabby got paid out on a DNA result on the strength of baby being Jamie’s", one soap fan tweeted.

A second one wrote: "So what’s the betting that Thomas isn’t Jamie’s."

"I take it if Jamie’s not the father, Gabby’s going to have to give back her millions in shares", a third viewer quipped.

Another added: "I think it is Jamie, I don't think the baby is his", as a fifth fan theorised: "The DNA not matching doesn’t mean that it’s not Jamie Tate. It could also mean that Thomas is not Jamie Tate’s son."


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In this case, who could be Thomas' father?

But there's been another twist.

Friday's Emmerdale instalment ended in a cliff-hanger as it was revealed Mike was actually working with Jamie behind Will and Gabby's backs.

Meanwhile, Will came clean to Jamie's mother Kim (Claire King) about his plan to find him.

The shrewd businesswoman was already suspicious of Will after she had realised money was missing from the company accounts.

"Gabby heard Millie on the baby monitor and she got it into her head that Jamie is still alive",

"That was nearly two months ago", Kim replied raging.

Will retaliated with: "Anyway, she and Dawn went to Hazel to see what they could find out."

He proceeded to tell her Hazel's house was empty and this ultimately led him to hire private investigator Mike.

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Emmerdale airs weeknights on ITV.

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