Emmerdale fans spot blunder after Kerry Wyatt’s secret is exposed – did you notice it?


Emmerdale viewers saw Vanessa Woodfield (played by Michelle Hardwick) undergo her first round of chemotherapy treatment this evening as she continues to battle stage three bowel cancer following an operation which removed the tumour. After not wanting to bother sister Tracy Metcalfe (Amy Walsh), she attended the appointment alone, until Kerry Wyatt (Laura Norton) – who was walking past with Dan Spencer (Liam Fox) and Amelia Spencer (Daisy Campbell) after Dan’s physiotherapy appointment – decided to keep her company much against her will. But the situation turned sour when Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) turned up and attempted to throw Kerry out. 


“Did you hear that? Romping through your first chemo!” Kerry remarked off the back of the nurse telling Vanessa she didn’t have long left. 

“Time flies when you’re stuck with a total pain,” the vet muttered and Kerry agreed: “Yes, well, I thought you might want to let of a bit of steam and who doesn’t love shouting at this hey!” 

“Being annoying? That’s your idea of therapy?” Vanessa asked. 

Kerry replied: “Well it worked for you. I bet you hadn’t realised you had been giving me abuse for a whole hour – my plan worked.” 

“So you’ve served a purpose, first time for everything,” Vanessa continued. 


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Sensing she wasn’t wanted anymore, Kerry said: “Good. Right, well I’ll be getting off then. Unless you want me to stay?” 

“No, no. But I suppose you have been company – of sorts,” Vanessa explained but they were interrupted by Charity walking in. 

“Oh you cannot be serious!” She exclaimed and Kerry commented: “I don’t want any trouble, I just saw that she was on her own.” 

“And what? You thought ‘I know I’ll make her day ten times worse!’” The Woolpack landlady hollered. 

“No, and don’t take your guilt out on me mate,” those watching at home saw Kerry snap back. 

Charity then attempted to throw Kerry out of the room, but in doing so, caused a scene much to Vanessa’ annoyance and the nurse on duty was forced to step in. 

“Shall I call security?” She said to Charity and added: “How dare you attack our volunteers?”

“Like she is a volunteer,” Charity remarked but she was corrected by the member of staff: “Kerry’s highly regarded on the oncology ward. She gives the patients free beauty treatments, helps with their self esteem.” 

“And that’s how you salve your conscience, is it? Inflicting hideous eyebrows on sick people?” Charity spat. 

Those watching at home were surprised by how Kerry spent her free time and took to Twitter to comment, with one noticing an error. 

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If Kerry is a volunteer at the hospital how come she got lost? #Emmerdale,” someone exposed. 

“Kerry the murderer is now Mother Theresa all is forgiven. #emmerdale,” a viewer wrote online. 

One said: “#Emmerdale I’m sorry but Kerry cannot be redeemed that easily for Frank’s death and stealing the charity money.” 

“Someone needs to out kerry for what she did, Maybe tracy will do it in the pub for everyone to hear #kerrycanburninhell #emmerdale,” another wrote, while an alternative tweet read: “Saint Kerry now is it? Do me a favour. #emmerdale.” 

“Not gonna lie, I actually liked that twist that Kerry’s a hospital volunteer. That actually surprised me #Emmerdale,” another wrote. 


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As for what is going to happen next in Vanessa’s storyline, there has been speculation, someone, in her past could arrive in the village. 

Not a lot is known about Vanessa’s childhood or her relationship with her mother apart from them occasionally speaking to one another. 

Could this be the perfect time to introduce her? 

Emmerdale airs Monday, Wednesday and Fridays at 7pm on ITV. 

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