Emmerdale Greg’s sinister motive ‘exposed’ as fans twig horror Marcus attack

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    Emmerdale fans believe something sinister could be in store for Marcus as they grow suspicious of newcomer Greg.

    In Thursday's episode (December 15) of the ITV soap, Ethan invited his boss over to have lunch with him and his boyfriend Marcus, and it appeared Greg took a shining to the solicitor.

    Afterwards, Ethan invited Greg to stay for another drink before leaving him alone with Marcus while he headed out to buy a bottle of vodka.

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    As the pair continued to drink, Greg told Marcus he wasn't what he expected as Ethan's boyfriend due to his serious nature, adding: "You seem like somebody who knows how to have fun."

    He continued: "I bet you've got from stories. I was your age once. Young, free and single," as Marcus corrected him by saying: "Except I'm not single."

    The duo were interrupted by the arrival of Ethan who returned with more alcohol, with Greg admitting he had led Marcus astray.

    It was clear that Marcus felt uneasy around Greg and he was about to tell Ethan how he felt, however stopped in his tracks when he could see how positive Ethan was feeling about getting on with his boss.

    Fans took to social media to share their concerns about Greg, with several labelling him as "dodgy" and "creepy" as well as raising suspicions that he is not happily married to a woman like he said.

    Many also believe that Greg has an ulterior motive and have predicted a sexual assault storyline could occur, with Marcus as the victim.

    Taking to social media with their theories, one user penned: "Are they teasing and male rape story for Marcus??"

    "I was sure Marcus was gonna sexually assault Ethan #Emmerdale," added someone else.

    A third person questioned: "Is this gonna be a male rape Storyline? With Ethan’s fella?"

    "I'm worried marcus will get assaulted for the sake of ethan’s job #Emmerdale," speculated another user.

    A fifth echoed: "Marcus's Dad was a rapist and I have a really horrible feeling Marcus is gonna be on the other end of that situation…..," as another wrote: "Oh no. Is Marcus gonna get assaulted?! #Emmerdale."

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