Emmerdale Rishi heartbreak ‘sealed’ as Sandra ‘set to rob him’ after sex session

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Emmerdale fans are convinced scheming Sandra is set to fleece vulnerable Rishi out of thousands after the pair shared a secret one night stand.

The two shared a night of passion after Sandra seduced him at the Woolpack having lured him there with a fake dating profile.

After he was seen offering her £500 on tonight’s episode the morning after their tryst, fans are now convinced she playing the long-game and plans on cheating Rishi out of thousands to keep her quiet and play on his good conscience.

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"Rishi isn't very bright after all she will end up blackmailing the whole village as well as Rishi and they won't all fall in till Xmas #emmerdale,” said one viewer.

“Poor Rishi, Sandra is gunna take him for all he’s worth and he’s too nice to say no!”

"Why is Rishi so thick? He's paying her £500 ? Can't stand Sandra. He is going to end up giving her more,” said another.

A third added: “Sandra is a nasty low life chav and desperate idiot Rishi is scraping the barrel jumping in the sack with her. What a nasty bi*ch she is. She’s gunna fleece him!”

The two become close at the Woolpack after Sandra swooned in following her dating profile scam.

Anxious to meet his new love interest, Rishi was left gutted when she cancelled the fake date, but having set him up nicely, dolled up Sandra swoops in and offers Rishi her company instead.

On tonight’s episode viewers saw the two appear the next morning with Rishi worried how their tryst will look. Sandra plays on his insecurity, claiming he made her fall off the wagon.

Feeling guilty, Rishi sheepishly offers Sandra £20 for a cab home.

Again reminding him of how hurt she was by his reaction, he upped the offer to £200, before eventually offering £500.

She pretends to be disinterested in his money, claiming “£500 is nothing to him” before she is seen leaving and giving herself a pat on the back for having him exactly where she wants him.

The pair later meet up to make amends, where Sandra is seen taking the £500 envelope and shoving it into her bag.

Elsewhere on the episode, Amelia is spotted by Charity at the pregnancy clinic where she begins to pry about why she is there.

Amelia eventually admits she is pregnant and the two agree to keep it a secret for now.

Emmerdale airs weeknights on ITV at 7.30pm

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