Emmerdale spoilers: Dead body horror, resident left to die in tragedy, huge exit

Emmerdale lines up a number of shocks and surprises for audiences next week, with a big death on the cards too.

The grand opening of the B&B arrives but Bernice Blackstock’s (Samantha Giles) attention is elsewhere, given that she fancies the harpist she’s booked for the big day.

Things, however, take a harrowing turn when, during the opening, Bob Hope (Tony Audenshaw) informs her that the harpist is dead in bed!

Arthur Thomas (Alfie Clarke), manwhile, is left feeling rejected once more when Marshall Hamston (Max Fletcher) reiterates that they can’t be friends, while Sam Dingle (James Hooton) injures Eric Pollard (Chris Chittell) during a scuffle.

Elsewhere, Nicky (Lewis Cope) brushes off Gabby Thomas’ (Rosie Bentham) advances, so she asks him to zip her up in her dress.

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Monday February 20

Marshall has another conversation with Arthur up at the HOP, reiterating his previous comments – that they can no longer be friends. Arthur is, again, devastated, and thus Laurel comforts him, offering him some words of support.

Bob, meanwhile, is deflated when Bernice confirms that the harpist she fancies will be their act for the opening day of the B&B, but his attention is soon elsewhere as he suggests Cathy stay away during opening day, which leaves the teen fuming.

Marcus hides a secret guilt, unaware that Ethan is planning on popping the question. Things then take a huge turn, with Ethan receiving a big shock.

Naomi breaks up with Nate, while Vinny is touched by his family’s kind gesture, as they organise an impromptu celebration for Liv’s birthday.

Tuesday February 21

Gabby’s attempts to win Nicky’s affection are brushed off, much to her frustration, while Samson continues to cause trouble for Noah and Amelia.

Cathy flees in tears after accidentally destroying the cake Marlon made for the B&B’s grand opening. Bernice does her best to calm Cathy, giving her an amethyst pendant, but Cathy later crushes the pendant by standing on it after another row with her dad.

Wednesday February 22

It’s the grand opening for the B&B, and Bob is determined to make it a day to remember. Bernice, however, is somewhat distracted after spending the night with Tim the harpist!

Things then take a shocking turn as Tim fails to show up to the event, and Bob is forced to explain to her that he’s found him dead!

Wendy, meanwhile, mishears a conversation and comes to believe that Bob and Bernice have slept together, leaving her devastated.

Gabby asks Nicky to zip up her dress, knowing his eyes are all over her.

Dan struggles with not being able to support his family financially, while Noah reels after hearing he’s lost his apprenticeship now Marcus has left the village. Determined to find a new employer, Noah rushes off as Amelia desperately searches for someone to look after Esther. Samson volunteers, leaving Noah’s suspicions piqued as she comes to believe his cousin is up to something.

Thursday February 23

Samson manipulates Noah into offering a pay off from his trust fund to keep away from Esther – and he’s chuffed when Noah agrees to a pay out, offering him two grand to stay away.

Sam, meanwhile, is determined to support Esther, but he’s struggling to make ends meet as it is. The long serving mainstay distracts Eric in the shop, before fleeing with some baby stuff. Eric, however, gives chase, and ends up tripping over, hitting his head off the pavement.

Is Eric okay?

Bob is horrified when Wendy accuses him of having an affair with Bernice, and things escalate where Wendy dumps ice cold water all over him from an upstairs window.

Bernice, meanwhile, is bemused when a soaking wet Bob shows up, but she’s outraged by the accusation of having an affair with Bob, believing Wendy might be going through the menopause.

Realising her position as his boss is making him reluctant to take things further, Gabby temporarily fires Nicky in the hopes of igniting the spark. Nicky, however, is unimpressed with her behaviour and quits instead.

Jai urges Jacob to reach out to Leyla and warns Suzy off spending time with her. Arthur gets Jacob to assist with his LGBTQ+ event, while David prepares to go to court to surrender his driving licence.

Friday February 24

Amelia’s attempts to connect with Samson are thwarted by Noah, while Sam and Lydia plot to save the former from a life behind bars.

Will starts to cautiously trust Caleb.

But is all as it seems? Or is there more to Caleb’s presence in the village than meets the eye?

Emmerdale airs these scenes w/c Monday February 20 on ITV1 and ITVX.

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