Emmerdale spoilers – Fans think Amy could be killed off as EastEnders' Maisie Smith posts worrying video

VIEWERS are speculating Emmerdale's next big murder victim to be Amy after she poked fun at serial killer Meena.

One viewer tweeted: "I'd keep your distance from Meena if I were you Amy Mind you they both have something in common as they've both murdered people."

"Careful Amy you will end up on the kill list," said another.

Meanwhile, EastEnders star Maisie Smith has concerned fans after posting a video of herself crying.

The 20-year-old star also said that she feels "useless and pointless" in the TikTok clip, which was shared after filming her final scenes for the BBC One soap earlier this month.

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    Kelvin Fletcher shows off his jaw-dropping physique

    Former Emmerdale star has stripped off to show off his rippling physique as he visited a health farm in Cheshire.

    Kevin Fletcher, 37, shared a picture of himself standing in a shower room having just drenched himself with a bucket.

    Wearing just a pair of black swimming trunks, the former Andy Sugden actor threw his head back.

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    Emmerdale fans spot blunder as Kerry’s plan to flee village

    Last night Kerry came up with the very detailed plan of “going down south” to escape.

    But with the company car she stole only funding her so far – and her insistence that it will take Chloe’s dad to discover two days to discover they’re gone, fans have spotted a blunder.

    Viewers already know that Chloe’s gangster dad Damon is in prison.

    And they also know that he monitors the house with the use of a mobile phone from prison and cameras set up around.

    One wrote: "I don’t know where it’s going or how it’s going to end but from what I’ve seen so far this Kerry/Chloe/Noah storyline is absolutely ridiculous."

    A second said: "There's no point in running away Kerry as you'll get caught anyway. Dosnt matter if you do anyway. You're due a trip to the slammer after what happend to poor Frank."

    Another added: "another unrealistic story – kerry/amy."

    Emmerdale fans spot blunder as Kerry Wyatt’s plan to flee the village with Chloe Harris
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    Corrie disgusted with Max Turner

    CORONATION Street fans are disgusted with Max Turner and Lily Platt after they tormented grieving Sam Blakeman.

    Max made a disgusting video for social media about Sam’s murdered mum – before filming Sam for a sequel in the place Natasha was gunned down.

    Viewers know Sam's been so traumatised by seeing his mum’s body that he’s completely shut down all communication.

    Fans are completely disgusted with Max’s actions.

    One wrote:  "Wow, I can't believe Max took a swing at David! What the f**k is wrong with that kid?"

    A second said: "Max the vicious little s**t. What a nasty piece of work."

    Another mused: "Max turning into his real father. Been building up to it for a longtime. It's all in the genes." 

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    Children In Need viewers in hysterics as EastEnders’ Janine jokes about killing husbands on date

    The EastEnders villain, 40, teamed up with the Coronation Street lothario, 47, for an epic First Dates sketch on BBC1's Children in Need last night.

    Fans couldn't believe it when Janine, played by actress Charlie Brooks, ended up on a date with Steve, played by Simon Gregson.

    Simon asked Janine if she had been married, to which she replied: "Four times. I've only killed two of them," before cackling with laugher.

    Soap fans took to Twitter to praise the sketch, where Steve also dropped in that he had had 7 wives, causing Janine to almost choke on her vodka tonic.

    One wrote: "Simon Gregson and Charlie Brooks are brilliant in this."

    Another said: "Janine with a steak knife! Now I'm worried."

    A third chimed in: "OMG Steve McDonald somehow accidentally on a date with the actual Janine Butcher. Tracy's totally gonna kill him lol."

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    ‘Love you to the moon’

    Eastenders’ Lacey Turner paid tribute to her rarely-seen soap star sister on her birthday with stunning bikini snap.

    The Stacey Slater actress revealed her little sister Lily Ruby.

    Lacey, 33, posted a glam shot of her younger sister in a strapless bikini.

    She showed off her washboard stomach in the grey two-piece with tassels as she stretched out on a sun lounger.

    Mum-of-two Lacey wrote: “Happy birthday, Love you to the moon.”

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    Runaways (continued)

    Charity dragged Noah home while Kerry vowed to take Chloe back to her privileged life in a cage.

    In the car Chloe told her: “I don’t understand how you can do this to me. 

    “Don’t say you care because if you did you wouldn’t be taking me back there.”

    And Kerry realised she was right, telling her: “Maybe you’re right. 

    “If I cared I wouldn’t so maybe I shouldn’t. I need to think of a plan.”


    Emmerdale fans have been left stunned by a shock twist after Chloe Harris and Noah Dingle tried to run away together.

    The teen couple are desperate to flee so Chloe can be free of her overbearing gangster father’s control.

    n tonight’s episode they hatched a plan to run away from the village without being tracked.

    However after trying to walk to Hotton, they were caught by Kerry and Charity who demanded they come clean.

    Explainer: What is anoxeria nervosa?

    Anoxeria nervosa is an eating disorder where the sufferer goes out of their way to eat as little as possible.

    According to the NHS website, “People who have anorexia try to keep their weight as low as possible by not eating enough food or exercising too much, or both. This can make them very ill because they start to starve.

    “They often have a distorted image of their bodies, thinking they’re fat even when they’re underweight.

    “Men and women of any age can get anorexia, but it’s most common in young women and typically starts in the mid-teens.”

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      The signs and symptoms of anoxeria nervosa

      • if you’re under 18, your weight and height being lower than expected for your age
      • if you’re an adult, having an unusually low body mass index
      • missing meals, eating very little or avoiding eating any foods you see as fattening
      • believing you are fat when you are a healthy weight or underweight
      • taking medication to reduce your hunger (appetite suppressants)
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      • physical problems, such as feeling dizzy, dry skin and hair loss

      Explainer: Who plays Chloe Harris?

      Since her first on-screen appearance, Chloe has been portrayed by actress Jessie Elland.

      Her casting and details surrounding her character were first revealed to the public on August 6, 2021, two weeks prior to Chloe first appearing in Emmerdale.

      Jessie’s journey to the popular ITV soap began in May, 2021, when her agent told her she had received an audition for the programme.

      She filmed a self-tape from home with her mother and, one week later, was invited for a screen test, which was her first in-person audition.

      After performing a scene with Karen Blick aka Lydia Hart, Jessie received another call a few weeks later, announcing that she had received the part of Chloe.

      Corrie star reveals how soap helped her recover from an eating disorder

      Gemma Oaten recently debuted on Coronation Street as flirty mum Isla – fulfilling a lifelong career ambition.

      The actress suffered from anoxeria nervosa as a teenager and will receiving treatment 30-minutes on the Cobbles was her lifeline.

      She describes how staff used the ITV soap as a reward, only allowing her to watch it if she had made sufficient effort to eat.

      She said: “I nearly didn’t make it because of the eating disorder. I almost died four times. I spent a lot of my life in hospitals, eating disorder units and psychiatric units. My favourite TV shows got me through.

      “Some of these places were backwards in their approach. The psychiatric unit I was in when I was 11 was brutal.”

      Explainer: Who is Chloe Harris on Emmerdale?

      In 2018, it is revealed to Sarah that she is suffering from heart failure, a rare side-effect of her chemotherapy, which she needed when battling throat cancer.

      For weeks, Sarah and her mother, Debbie, had to wait in the hopes of a transplant.

      Eventually a donor was found in a dead 13-year-old girl called Gemma Harris.

      Later on, Sarah met Gemma’s surviving sister Chloe and struck up a friendship.

      Although her friendship with Chloe is rocky and her family disapproves, Sarah continues to see her and is once followed by her uncle Noah Dingle.

      Noah and Chloe eventually get along, leading the latter to take a step back from her friendship with Sarah.

      Home improvement

      Launching JHD Homes on Instagram back in February 2021, Jaz Deol – Kheerat Panesar – works as a property investor when his filming schedule isn’t too gruelling.

      Sharing images of some of his recent projects, he is focusing on properties in South Wales at the moment, and his bio reads: “Passion for creating homes and building long term wealth.”

      Fans were initally worried that he would potentially be leaving the soap, but it appears that Jaz just likes to pack out his scheduled and explore other passions.

      Commenting under one image on his property account, the actor and businessman on and off-screen said: “There’s no question that market right now is incredibly hot. You could argue the many reasons why but the bottom line is that finding good deals is harder than ever. 

      “How do you know what is a good deal or a bad deal? That’s entirely up to you. Key thing is to know your critieria, your why and your level of comfort with risk.”

      Wild thing

      Corrie star Helen Flanagan has wowed her fans in a low cut leopard print dress as she enjoyed a night out on the town.

      The soap actress stunned in the slinky babydoll-style dress as she sat at the bar of a swanky eatery and smiled wide for the camera.

      Helen, 31, who last appeared as Rosie Webster in 2018 after playing her on and off since 2000, looked glamorous in the Instagram stories snap.

      She paired the tiny leopard print dress with minimalistic gold earrings and neatly styled her blonde locks behind her ears to reveal her dewy complexion.

      Helen – who welcomed her third child, Charlie, in March with her fiancé, ex-Celtic footballer Scott Sinclair – completed her look with glam make-up.

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        Photo flashback

        Danniella Westbrook looked almost unrecognisable in a throwback photo with her brother and a friend.

        The 48-year-old took a trip down memory lane with the fresh-faced snap – taken in Gozo, Malta – telling fans she was “about the same age” as her daughter Jodie, 20, when it was taken.

        Westbrook, who first found fame in Eastenders as Sam Mitchell, has had a well-documented battle with cocaine addiction that has lead to her needing reconstructive surgery on her nose.

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        Explainer: Who does Kate Robbins play on Eastenders?

        Back on-screen, Kate’s character was brought in by pal Rocky, played by Brian Conley, to mastermind the fledgling pop career of Whitney Dean, played by Shona McGarty.

        While only in Albert Square for a short stint, she is set to make an impact as “no-nonsense, old-school rocker” Jen.

        A source told the Sun on Sunday: “Everyone was very excited to get Kate on board for this part, because they felt she was the perfect fit.

        “Not only is she a great actress, but she has plenty of experience of the music industry too. And they weren’t ­disappointed — she did a brilliant job.”

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        Inside this Eastender’s home (continued)

        Proving she plays a good host, Kate captured a snap of afternoon tea served up on her al fresco furniture.

        A dark wicker L-Shaped seat is matched with an armchair and table at the heart of the outdoor space.

        Meanwhile a raised decking area adds to the entertainment space while Kate’s perfectly-mowed grass adds to the attractive space.

        Large doors open out onto the outdoor area, with daughter Emily Atack recently seen celebrating her mum’s birthday on their outdoor sofas.

      • [email protected]

        Inside Eastenders star Kate Robbins’ colourful home

        Eastenders actress Kate Robbins has revealed her stunning colourful pad away from her on-screen life in Walford.

        The Sun was first to reveal the actress’ latest telly role as music producer Jen Glover on the BBC soap.

        In the kitchen, Kate keeps things homely with a granite worktop and tiled walls and plentiful fresh beg on the counter.

        While cooking, she can look out on her stunning garden which boasts a colourful outdoor seating area.

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        Secret heartache

        The Sun previously reported how Charlie had engaged in a ‘secret’ relationship with co-star Nicola Thorp but it now seems like they’ve called it quits.

        The pair were close friends for a decade before their relationship blossomed while they were both filming the ITV soap and they showed off their many holidays on Instagram.

        An insider on the soap revealed “Sadly Nicola and Charlie decided to cool things after growing apart. They’ve decided to remain pals – although they aren’t hanging out as much platonically as they they did before they were a couple.”

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        Which Emmerdale star was in Harry Potter?

        Emmerdale fans may get a shock when they realise this show regular had a Hollywood film role in Harry Potter.

        And he looked dramatically different as he played the character of Magorian, a centaur living in the Forbidden Forest in the fifth movie, Order of the Phoenix.

        Now he is hanging out at the Woolpack, he looks very different.

        Can you guess who it is?

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        London calling

        Former Corrie actress Michelle Keegan stunned fans with a huge pout as she returned to London after filming Brassic up North.

        The TV star, 34, marked her arrival in the capital with a sexy video on Instagram.

        Michelle puckered up as she blew a kiss in the back of a black cab.

        She looked incredible, wearing a heritage check winter coat, and with her long brown hair falling in waves around her face.

        She wrote over her video, which she tagged in London: “She’s back!”

      • Louis Allwood

        Emmerdale fans stunned by shock twist as Chloe Harris and Noah Dingle run away together

        EMMERDALE fans have been left stunned by a shock twist after Chloe Harris and Noah Dingle tried to run away together.

        The teen couple are desperate to flee so Chloe can be free of her overbearing gangster father’s control.

        They hatched a plan to run away from the village without being tracked.

        However after trying to walk to Hotton, they were caught by Kerry and Charity who demanded they come clean.

        Charity dragged Noah home while Kerry vowed to take Chloe back to her privileged life in a cage.

        In the car Chloe told her: “I don’t understand how you can do this to me. 

        “Don’t say you care because if you did you wouldn’t be taking me back there.”

        And Kerry realised she was right, telling her: “Maybe you’re right. 

        “If I cared I wouldn’t so maybe I shouldn’t. I need to think of a plan.”

      • Louis Allwood

        Suspicious minds

        Eastenders fans are fearing for Whitney Dean’s life as she continues to investigate Gray Atkins current job situation.

        Fans of the BBC British soap sat on the edges of their seat during Thursday’s episode of EastEnders as Whitney continued to look into what Gray is up to after discovering he lost his job at the law firm.

        The lawyer was sacked from the impressive job last month that saw him being one of the highest earners on Albert Square.

        Gray couldn’t land another job in law after his previous boss promised to get him blacklisted from all firms due to his aggressive nature.

        After killing his wife Chantelle, which has not yet been revealed, fans are now worried for Whitney’s life as she’s on a mission to find out what Gray is up to.

      • Louis Allwood

        Who is Emmerdale/I’m a Celeb star Danny Miller?

        30-year-old Danny Miller was born on January 2, 1991 and is an English actor.

        He is of course known for playing Aaron Dingle in Emmerdale, for which he has won three British Soap Awards for Best Actor.

        Danny made his television debut when he played Kyle Brown in the BBC kids show Grange Hill.

        In April 2014 the actor played William in the BBC production of Jamaica Inn.

        Danny also joined the cast of Scott & Bailey, in late 2013, as series regular Rob Waddington.

        On November 16, 2021 The Sun revealed how Danny had quit Emmerdale after 13 years.

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