Emmerdale spoilers: Meena caught out, Ethan HIV heartbreak and miscarriage fears

Emmerdale fans are in for a roller-coaster ride of emotions next week, as Emmerdale spoilers reveal that things are about to heat up in the village.

Meena Jutla finally causes residents to question her motives, as they become suspicious of her reluctant attitude towards her sister and her niece who is currently in a critical condition in Ibiza.

But boyfriend David Metcalfe also notices something strange about his murderous beau when an item that belongs to Victoria Sugden falls out of her bag. Will Meena be able to cover her tracks?

Elsewhere, Ethan Anderson is going through some trouble of his own when he his discovers his recent hook-up has now tested positive for HIV. Feeling increasingly anxious Ethan hides his woes from his worried dad, Charles.

Leyla Cavanagh is also going through an heart-breaking ordeal too as she suspects she may be having a miscarriage. But will she finally be able to tell her husband Liam what's been going on?

Meena caught out

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Twisted Meena seems to have taken a disliking to Victoria Sugden ever since she discovered that Victoria and David's friendship was blossoming due to their shared parenting responsibilities.

Realising that David was no longer making as much time for her the unhinged murdered plots to take another victim.

Earlier in the day, Meena steals some keys from Amy Wyatt and decides to let herself in to Amy and Victoria's home when the coast is clear.

While in the girl's home Meena begins to rummage through Victoria’s belongings, but it is not long after she hears the front door open and Victoria enters.

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Ensuring that she's not caught Meena grabs a nearby paperweight and prepares herself to use it if needs be.

Wicked Meena manages to hide herself away discreetly but suddenly her phone buzzes at just the wrong time.

Realising someone’s in the house, Victoria rushes out in despair and threatens to call the police on the intruder.

But Victoria's cries fails to unsettle Meena as she appears unphased by her sudden outburst. Calmly, Meena then heads out through the back door unnoticed.

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Later on while on Main Street, Manpreet Sharma has a word with Meena and explains to her that her daughter Aiesha has been taken into hospital in Ibiza, and is currently in a critical condition.

While Manpreet begs for Meena’s help, Meena can't seem to tear herself away from keeping an eye on David and Victoria, as she sees them having a conversation in the distance.

Later at The Woolpack, Meena's eyes are still fixated on Victoria as she spots her briefing PC. Swirling on the break-in.

But Meena causes some residents eyebrows to be raised when Chas Dingle and Victoria become suspicious about Meena’s reluctance to help her sister Manpreet and Aiesha.

David also notices Meena's nonchalant attitude towards her family's situation too. Pulling her to one side, David tries to convince Meena that she should be there for her sister in her time of need.

But as the pair converse on the matter, Victoria's paperweight falls out of Meena’s bag right in front of David. But Will Meena be able to cover up her tracks?

Ethan HIV heartbreak

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Not so long ago Ethan Anderson went on a date in the village with a man named Eddy.

The pair sat through what some may call a car crash date and agreed at the end of their meeting that they had no interest in each other.

Despite this, Ethan and Eddy still slept with each other the very same evening, after both admitting that there was no romantic connection.

The morning after, Ethan still told friends that he was not interested in pursuing anything further.

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But things took a dramatic turn for the worse, when Eddy called Ethan and told him he was HIV positive. Due to receiving the shocking news, Ethan decides to take a test for himself.

But Ethan worries begin to worsen and he becomes even more fearful ahead of his own impending results.

Realising his mood has changed, Ethan's dad Charles asks him what is wrong with him. But Ethan tells his dad that his worries derive from work.

As the results continue to loom over him, will Ethan be able to tell his vicar father the truth over his worries?

Miscarriage fears

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A few weeks ago Leyla Cavanagh discovered that she was pregnant and carrying her husband Liam's child.

Even though the news should of been joyous for newly married couple, Leyla feared the unexpected surprise may cause her and Liam to split.

She also knew it wouldn't be the right time as Liam's daughter Leanna passed away not so long ago.

With her fears consuming her, Leyla has withheld the baby news from Liam.

But next week, Leyla's concerns increase, as she feels she may be having a miscarriage. But if Leyla is loosing her unborn child, will she have the courage to finally tell Liam?

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