Emmerdale spoilers: Wendy Posner blackmailed over devastating secret

WENDY Posner’s ex-husband Russ blackmails her over a devastating secret next week in Emmerdale. 

Russ rocked up on Wendy’s doorstep last month and demanded that she give back the money Victoria Sugden’s young son Harry inherited from his late mother. 

Next week, Russ reveals that he’s on the run after shooting a policeman during the armed robbery of a jewellery store. 

Wendy is horrified to realise he’s more dangerous than she could have ever imagined. 

When Russ orders Wendy to convince Victoria to hand the money over she does but instantly feels awful.

Viewers will then see that Russ has prepared a plan B in case Wendy doesn’t comply – a sawn-off shotgun in the boot of his car. 

The following day, Vic tells Russ that he’ll have the money by midday. 

However, Wendy arrives at the Hide battling her guilty conscience and urges Victoria not to give Russ any money. 

Wendy explains that Russ is blackmailing her with a secret that could ruin her life but, before she can explain what it is, Russ shows up. 

Vic is disgusted with Russ for blackmailing Wendy and tries to call the police. 

It all kicks off, however, as Russ reaches into his coat and pulls out the gun.

After taking Vic and Wendy’s phones, Russ locks the door to the Hide and holds them hostage.

As Russ points the gun at Victoria and demands she transfer the money to him, armed police arrive on the scene.

Disaster strikes as Jacob, Dan and Bob hear a shot fire inside the Hide. 

Has someone been injured?

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