Emmerdale star Claire King says sleazy casting boss invited her to hotel room

Emmerdale star Claire King was invited to a hotel room for a casting when she was an emerging actor, the soap legend has revealed.

Reflecting on the sexism in the acting industry, the 58-year-old admitted she knew the inappropriate setting wasn't "right" at the time.

Before she became a legendary fixture of Emmerdale as murderess Kim Tate, the Yorkshire-born star was a budding actress, trying out for new parts.

Recalling the uncomfortable situations she faced, Claire told The Sun on Sunday: "I've been to several castings where I've thought, ‘This isn't right, why am I in a hotel room? Why aren't I in an office or a studio?'

"It's that big blackmail threat, ‘You won't get the job unless you . . . '

"I don't think any job is worth that because I've got principles. But there's always someone behind you who will, someone to fill your boots."

Claire admitted she was "strong enough" to leave the castings, adding: "I have never been propositioned because I would never have let it get that far.

"But I have plenty of friends who have been propositioned by producers, plenty of friends who have ended up in dodgy situations. And it still happens now."

After cutting her teeth in Emmerdale, Claire went on to land a leading role in hard-hitting prison drama Bad Girls, playing governor Karen Betts.

Her fame in the entertainment industry meant she no longer needed to go to castings, instead getting meetings directly through her agent.

Claire bagged her role on Emmerdale in the eighties and stayed on the soap for a decade before leaving to pursue other acting opportunities.

Viewers were thrilled to witness her return in 2018, and she went on to receive a nomination for Best Soap Actress at the TV Choice Awards two years later.

Facing innumerable dramatic storylines over the years, Claire has cemented her status as a soap queen, playing one of Britain's most revered villains.

Claire's character is going through a rough time on Emmerdale at the moment, as she learns someone close to her has been secretly poisoning her drinks.

Upcoming scenes will Kim identify the poisoner, only to be discovered lying next to a body bag, leaving her son Jamie Tate fear the worst.

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