Emmerdale viewers fear Robron will SPLIT as furious Aaron calls Robert ‘a problem I don’t need’ – The Sun

EMMERDALE fans were shocked tonight after an almighty Robron bust-up left many fearing the much-loved couple are about to split.

The drama came at the end of the episode when Robert Sugden admitted exactly what his charge was for attacking his sister's rapist Lee Posner.

And the confession horrified his partner Aaron Dingle, who yelled: "Get out of my face" and called him: "A problem I don't need."

The trouble began when Aaron raged: "You've been acting weird all day. And now I'm worrying what this is about so you may as well just say it."

A nervous Rob replied: "I wanted to tell you for a while. I told you that I'd been charged with GBH. It's worse than that.

"It's GBH with intent which means the maximum sentence I could get isn't what I told you – it's life. I could get life. It doesn't mean it will happen. I didn't want you to worry unnecessarily."

Mightily unimpressed, Aaron hit back: "So you just did what came naturally and lied. What did you think was going to happen? That I just wouldn't notice?"

Robert said quietly: "Honestly, I thought I was doing what was best."

But then things went up a gear, with the mechanic bawling: "Do you know what, I am so sick of having his conversation with you over and over again. I'm not even angry, I'm just tired."

Robert said: "I'm sorry."

But then Aaron went berserk, screaming: "You've already said you were sorry. So just get out of my face."

And, as Robert shuffled out of the door on the brink of tears, his partner added: "And I don't want Liv knowing about this.

"You are one more problem that she really doesn't need right now. One problem I don't need."

Fans were left shaken by the outburst, writing "OMG could this be the end of Robron? #Emmerdale."

Another said: "oh no! i hope Rob and Aaron don't split up over this, they make such a lovely couple!! #Emmerdale".

A third wrote: "Robron! Noooo!! Don't split up!"

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