Emmerdale viewers heartbroken as Lydia reveals dark dead baby truth

Last week on Emmerdale, it was revealed that Lydia Hart (Karen Blick) had a mysterious past.

She confessed to being the mother of a dead baby whose bones were found buried at the high school.

Tonight, viewers were left heartbroken by the storyline as Lydia revealed the truth to Sam Dingle (James Hooton).

The cleaner explained she’d been living in a children’s home and fallen pregnant by a boy at school.

The baby was stillborn and she buried the little boy in nearby woodlands before going on the run and changing her identity.

And as Lydia broke down, viewers at home revealed they were heartbroken by the tragic storyline.

One tweeted: “Oh poor Lydia, must have been so difficult for her back then! Bless her.”

Another wrote: “Oh no, this is heartbreaking, poor Lydia.”

And a third said: “Her baby was born dead. My heart breaks.”

During the episode, Lydia explained: “My baby didn’t cry, it didn’t look at me. I waited for it to, I held on so tightly. I tried my best to love some life into him.”

She went on: “Born sleeping people call it, so I gave him a kiss and told him I was sorry.

“I knew I couldn’t stay there all night – one of the other kids would come knocking for the bathroom.”

Lydia explained that after she buried her baby, with no marker to show his existence, she’d fled to Scarborough.

It was there that she took on the name Lydia Hart, taking the identity of a dead girl who had been staying in a bedsit upstairs.

But what will happen to the devastated villager when she reveals all to the police?

Emmerdale continues weeknights at 7pm on ITV.

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