Endeavour’s Shaun Evans pays tribute to Fred Thursday star

Endeavour: Morse and Joan have a kiss at her wedding that turns out to be fake

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Shaun Evans and Roger Allam have starred in the ITV crime drama since 2012 as Endeavour Morse and Fred Thursday, and viewers were eager to see how the story would conclude. The series has remained popular ever since it first hit screens, but the weekend saw the end of an era as all was finally revealed about the two central characters. Speaking about the significant ending to the show, Shaun paid tribute to his co-star Roger, stating the pair would remain “friends for life”.

Fans were introduced to the crime-solving duo 11 years ago, and after Fred decided to take on a mentoring role to Endeavour, the two formed a strong friendship.

The closeness of the two is also clearly reflected off-screen, with Shaun explaining their friendship would be “for life”.

When asked about the final scenes involving the two characters, the actor replied: “The final scenes between Endeavour and Thursday in the pub and then outside the Bodleian Library were shot on separate days.

“Filming the very final scenes on screen between Endeavour and Thursday – myself and Roger Allam were both incredibly clear about where the characters are emotionally at that point.

“And the push and pull of it. It was all about the work. That’s not to say it’s not emotional to not be working with Roger any more.

“It certainly is. But we’re going to be friends for life. And the reason that we will be friends for life is because the work is so important to both of us.”

The highly-anticipated series finale saw Fred killing a biker in order to protect his son, Sam Thursday (played by Jack Bannon).

Endeavour worked out what his friend had done, and confronted him about the crime.

Fred soon realised he’d need to make himself disappear for his own safety.

The incident marked the end of their friendship because it would keep Fred and his family at risk.

Fans were left feeling emotional as the story wrapped up for a final time.

Many were disappointed that Endeavour and Joan Thursday (Sara Vickers) didn’t end up together.

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The programme even teased viewers hoping for a happy outcome by airing a scene in which the two shared a long-awaited kiss.

However, it soon turned out the moment had all happened in Morse’s head.

Heartbroken fans soon took to social media to express their sadness over the reveal.

Roger also recently paid tribute to a beloved co-star from the hit series.

Reflecting on the last 11 years, he stated: “Caroline O’Neill as Win Thursday has been another crucial part of this series over the years.

“It’s been a hugely believable relationship between Win and Fred. I have loved doing those scenes with her.

“It’s quite something when you are in the various sets filming and thinking, ‘Gosh, that’s the last scene here and I suppose they will break this set up now.’ Which, of course, is what they do.”

Endeavour is available to watch on ITV Hub.

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