Escape To The Chateau: Dick Strawbridge’s new project horrifies Angel ‘I don’t feel well!’

Escape to the Chateau: Dick cuts down Angel's trees

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Angel Adoree and her husband Dick Strawbridge have become extremely popular amongst Channel 4 viewers who tune in to watch them on Escape To The Chateau. The show follows the couple’s quest to revamp their 19th Century French home. However, restoring a historic building and maintaining its grounds doesn’t come without its problems. In the latest instalment of an all-new series, Adoree was left mortified when Dick started chopping down her treasured trees. 

In Sunday night’s episode, Dick was keen to take advantage of the winter weather and the lack of weddings booked at the chateau to cut back the foliage on 12-acre grounds. 

A wrapped up Angel joined Dick outside in the snow and he explained he wanted to make a start by cutting back her “overgrown” eucalyptus trees.

However, he knew he had to tread carefully as Adoree was very attached to the trees. 

Dick said he “didn’t want to take any prisoners” and wanted to cut the trees from the ground to let them eventually “shoot back up”. 

Angel appeared less than impressed with Dick’s idea and warned him not to hack down her trees. 

“If you’re [cutting down] the trees you have to allow me to freak out,” she exclaimed. 

When Dick started sawing into the first eucalyptus tree she remarked: “Oh my goodness, I just can’t look. 

“Honestly I just don’t feel well.” 

After the first tree trunk was slashed, Angel shook her head and added: “I just can’t believe that you’ve done that – I really can’t believe it. 

“Babes, are you sure this is all going to work?”

Dick replied saying “no” while he carried on cutting down the trees in front of a horrified Adoree. 

He then burst into laughter and admitted: “Look, I’ve never done this with eucalyptus before, but we have to do this.”

Angel looked on ad Dick in despair while he started piling up her eucalyptus trees in the snow. 

She told him: “You can’t just do this. Darling, look, I’ve spent years growing this. 

“I’m really being serious. You could literally be taking away years’ worth of work.” 

Dick smiled and couldn’t contain his giggles, but he contained her laughter and started cutting back more trees later on in the episode. 

The episode was the first instalment of season eight and Channel 4 viewers welcomed the couple back with open arms. 

Glenys Taylour tweeted: “@dickstrawbridge, my Sunday night is complete! #Escape To The Chateau is back on our TV. Lovely to have you all back!”

Ricky Vann added: “Just realised Escape To The Chateau is BACK! I was only saying last week I need it back as it’s perfect autumnal viewing.”

Sherie Buckley commented: “Showered, cuppa tea [on the go] and Escape To The Chateau on – my Sunday night is back.”

Escape To The Chateau continues next Sunday on Channel 4. 

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