Escape to the Chateau’s Dick Strawbridge promises ‘we’ll be back’

Escape to the Chateau: Dick and Angel tease what’s to come next

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Dick Strawbridge and Angel Adoree left Channel 4 viewers heartbroken when they announced their beloved series Escape to the Chateau was coming to an end. However, fans will undoubtedly be pleased with the couple hinting to Lorraine Kelly that they will return to TV in the future.

Lorraine joked that the end of Escape to the Chateau was “outrageous” and asked what was next for the couple.

Angel replied: “We’re saying it’s the end of a chapter not the book and there’s a lot to do.

“We’ve only just started doing our windows and we’ve put in five and there are 60 windows to put in.

“We haven’t got a swimming pool yet,” she added back in December as Dick rolled his eyes.

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Lorraine teased: “Oh what a shame, for goodness sake.”

“We’ve got a paddling pool,” Dick interjected as Angel clarified: “I could see you were worried there [Lorraine] it’s a bit of a joke.”

“It’s going to be an ongoing project and there’s always something to get done.”

Dick pointed out the couple “still have France to explore”.

“We’ve been in the Mayne which is a beautiful part of France but we’ve got the rest of France to see so we’re off exploring,” he remarked.

Lorraine told the couple she “wanted to see” their travel adventures on screen.

“I want to see you going around looking and critiquing,” the presenter said.

At the end of the interview, Lorraine told the couple she would be “seeing them soon in other things”.

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“Promise,” Angel replied and Dick added: “We’ll be back.”

“You promise me because I love [what you do],” Lorraine quipped.

Elsewhere in the interview, the couple reflected on filming the final scenes of their beloved series.

Back in December, Angel said: “We literally finished filming a week ago and it was really emotional.

“My mum kept crying all the time and it was really happy emotion.

“Arthur was sobbing. It was really beautiful, there’s not many times where you get all your family and friends together. When it’s a happy moment like that, boy it was a party.”

The last episode of Escape to the Chateau aired on Channel 4 on December, 18.

Escape to the Chateau is available to watch on All4.

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