Fans Found a Wild Continuity Error on 'Yellowjackets' That Could Be a Massive Clue

Hello and welcome to people who are completely obsessed with Yellowjackets only. I think we can all agree this is the best show on TV at the moment, and if you’re not already harassing your friends/family/random strangers online with your latest theories, you’re truly not even living.

And speaking of theories, the Yellowjackets Reddit page is full of wildly smart people who should probably be hired by the FBI due to their level of sleuthing—including one fan who noticed an incredible continuity error on the show that could be a huge clue.

As eagle-eyed Reddit user YelhsaB first noticed in the below post, we get a good look at Adam’s license plate when Shauna crashes into him, and its number is very visibly “6N4BB7.” And then in a later scene when Misty is picking up Nat for the road trip, we SEE THE EXACT SAME PLATE:

Obviously this is mind-blowing, but before everyone spirals with Adam/Misty conspiracy theories, there is some speculation in the comments of this Reddit post that either (a) the poor props department had no idea viewers would be doing the most watching this show and accidentally re-used a license plate, or (b) California state rules about plate use on TV made it so the show had to reuse this one.

My opinion? Yellowjackets has already proven itself to be a series that pays remarkable attention to detail, and the creators wouldn’t show clear shots of plates unless there was a reason for doing so. Either way, while we’re on the subject of Misty’s car, check this post out by another ingenious Redditor u/daniandsomecats from about a week ago:

Turns out Misty has not one, but two cars: the hospital green Fiat *and* a larger SUV we see her unlocking in the pilot. Again, this could be chalked up to a prop error (the pilot episode was filmed months ahead of the rest of the show, so it’s possible producers just “re-cast” Misty’s car. Orrrrr the show is dropping subtle hits that there’s a lot more to Misty’s life than meets the eye. Regardless, this IS all I’ll be thinking about for the next week, thanks.

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