Fans spot 'proof' Line of Duty's Kate Fleming is deep undercover and knows exactly who gangster cop Ryan is

LINE of Duty viewers believe they have spotted proof that shows Kate Fleming is working undercover.

They also think the former AC-12 DI knows exactly who the gobby child turned police officer Ryan is.

During last night's episode of the BBC police drama, Kate came face-to-face with Ryan in his new role as the the youngest police officer of the organised crime unit (OCG).

He was first seen in series one on the Borogrove Estate and used his bike to deliver burner phones.

Kate glared at Ryan and was sure he looked familiar, but was not able to place him at the time.

However, fans believe Kate does remember who Ryan is after spotting his file open on her computer.

One fan wrote: "Kate knows!! #LineOfDuty did anyone else clock this??"

Viewers replied in their droves as one said: "Excellent detective work!!! You should be part of ac12!! I noticed that he was trying to hide away from Steve, he didn’t want him to see him. But yeah I reckon Kate is there undercover Hastings has sent her there xxx."

Another added: "She’s so working under cover. Quite why isn’t clear yet? But Hastings and she are up to something!"

This follower responded and penned: "Good spot. I think Kate's secretly still working for AC12."

In last night's episode, DCI Joanne Davidson was able to avoid arrest and set up her ex lover and ex colleague Farida Jatri and she was brought in for questioning after burner phones were found at her home.

As the episode drew to a close, Davidson met with a strange man to collect another burner phone before sobbing uncontrollably in her car.

This made it seem as though she is not leading a double life of her own free will.

Line of Duty continues Sunday at 9pm on BBC One.

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