Farrah Abraham Goes Ballistic on 'Ex on the Beach' In Brutal Fight with Cheyenne Parker

Farrah goes on the defensive after she’s called a “f–king nightmare.”

Wherever Farrah Abraham goes, the drama’s never that far behind her.

After ditching "Teen Mom" so she could pursue more adult endeavors, the reality TV star returns to MTV on their upcoming second season of "Ex on the Beach."

While her ex boyfriend Simon Saran also appears on the show, he’s not the one she got into it with in this sneak peek at the premiere. No, instead she clashed with "Fire Island" star Cheyenne Parker, who called her out for her nasty attitude.

After announcing she’d be turning in for the night, Parker criticized Abraham for not being a team player or hanging out with her cast mates. "Do you like to activate when you’re ready to piss everyone off and be a f–king nightmare?" he asked.

Parker flashed a little more light on the situation in a confessional, as he explained, "Out of everyone in the house, Farrah’s just been standoffish and her attitude sucks. I don’t tolerate attitude or diva syndrome."

"As far as celebrity status goes, Farrah thinks she’s over here on the A-list, but baby, I gotta tell you something, D-list for you," he added.

He then pointed out some of her diva demands, earning praise from costar and "Big Brother" alum Jozea Flores. "I was caught in the middle and I’m looking left and I’m looking right like, you know what, Cheyenne, you’re doing the right thing, you’re doing the lord’s work," he said to cameras, "and looking at her like you’re the devil."

While she went on to call Parker a "piece of shit," he really set her off by telling her "I didn’t have to give birth to somebody to fucking make ratings."

Let’s just say Abraham was not cool with her daughter being brought into the conversation. Watch the f-bombs fly in the sneak peek above. "Ex on the Beach" premieres December 20 on MTV.

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