Flustered Ruth Langsford red-faced as she drops her makeup bag on floor live on Loose Women and makes Emmerdale blunder

FLUSTERED Ruth Langsford was left red-faced as she made an Emmerdale name blunder after her falling make-up bag disrupted Loose Women.

The 60-year-old star was startled by the loud bang as her cosmetics fell off-camera, with her co-stars chuckling as they questioned what she had in the bag.

Clearly embarrassed, Ruth then teased an upcoming interview with Lisa Riley – accidentally calling her character "Mandy Dingled" instead of "Dingle".

Opening today's episode of the daytime show, the TV favourite got off to a good start as she revealed what was coming up.

But when she got to the 1.15pm slot, she was caught off guard by a loud thud.

Ruth exclaimed: "Ooh, hello! That was just my big make-up bag falling off the table."

Coleen Nolan joked: "A really big suitcase, that."

Blushing, Ruth continued: "That just proves the show is live, sorry about that.

"I had it balanced on a tissue box but it didn't work… Anyway, where was I?"

But she quickly made another gaffe, this time saying "Dingled" instead of "Dingle".

Like a true professional, Ruth brushed it off without mentioning – but when she'd finished the intro she couldn't control her laughter.

While the red-faced star giggled, Coleen asked: "Was it Dingle or Dingled?"

Sheepish Ruth replied: "I think I said Dingled, it was the shock of my make-up bag falling off, I said Dingled!"

Janet Street-Porter then poked fun at the loud noise her make-up bag had made, joking: "I'd heard of putting make-up on with a trowel but is the trowel in the bag?"

Looking at the mess on the floor, Ruth continued laughing as she admitted: "There's a lot down there, Janet, I have to say."

Thankfully, the rest of the show went on without a hitch – with Ruth going on to discuss her and husband Eamonn Holmes' son Jack heading off to University.

The star confessed she was initially "bereft" at him leaving as the threat of lockdown loomed, but is feeling better after he settled into his new accommodation.

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