Former 'Bachelor' Colton Underwood Tests Positive for Coronavirus (Video)

“It’s been kicking my ass, just to put it very bluntly,” says 28-year-old reality star


Colton Underwood has tested positive for coronavirus.

The Season 23 star of ABC’s “The Bachelor” stressed to his many Twitter followers Friday that the illness can affect healthy, young people, too — not just the elderly.

“I wanna let you guys know, I’m 28, I consider myself pretty healthy, I work out regularly, I eat healthy. I became symptomatic a few days ago, got my test results back today and they are positive,” he said in a video on Twitter. “And it’s been kicking my ass, just to put it very bluntly. I can’t even walk up a flight of stairs without being out of breath.”

The reality star assured fans that he is “doing okay” and staying at his girlfriend Cassie Randolph’s family home. Randolph and Underwood have been together since the 23rd season finale of “The Bachelor.”

“Unfortunately, that means we’re all in this together at this point,” he said of his diagnosis and its potential effect on the other people he’s staying with. “Stay at home, stay in your house, do your part and take care of one another, alright?”

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