Four Rooms star Jeff Salmon has been hit on Channel 4’s Rise and Fall

Rise and Fall: Ali walks from the show

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Channel 4’s fresh reality series Rise and Fall kicked off on March 19 with a group of 16 contestants competing to win a big cash prize. The contestants come from all walks of life and are going to be trying their luck in this game of influence and power to bag £100,000. The show has already been described as a rival to The Traitors on the BBC last year. Rise and Fall starts with all of the contestants beginning as Equals but are quickly put into either positions of power as a Ruler or the powerless as a Grafter.

The Rulers live in a luxurious penthouse while the Grafters are relegated to the basement and residing in very basic accommodation with gruelling tasks.

Much like real-life, the Rulers will be making decision impacting the Grafters but there could be change if those down below are left dissatisfied.

If the Grafters are left unhappy there is a chance to cast down their overlords.

Rise and Fall is hosted by radio presenter Greg James, who said: “I’ve been waiting a long time for a show like this to come along that I can get stuck into and be the ringleader of.

“It’s an amazingly mad idea and the contestants are going to make some incredible TV.”

Adding: “It’s very exciting to launch something brand new on Channel 4 and I can’t wait to see how it all plays out. Let the power struggle begin…”

How much is Rise and Fall’s Jeff Salmon worth?

Among the contestants is Jeff Salmon, a 69-year-old businessman from London.

He is described as an “East End boy at heart”, who started working at the prestigious auction house back in the 1970s.

In fact, Jeff was in the art and design trade since he was 17 and has more than 40 years of experience within the industry.

By the time he was 24, Jeff had set up his own business with a focus on art nouveau and art deco glass.

The father-of-four is still on the hunt for eclectic pieces for his business.

Some of his celebrity clients include supermodel Kate Moss, singer Lily Allen and Hollywood star Uma Thurman.

Jeff has showrooms in Church Street, Marylebone, which according to Channel 4 is the “the UK Mecca for antiques and design”.

Jeff now has an impressive portfolio of eight businesses which he runs and oversees.

He previously said: “I love being a dealer because it is in my blood.”

According to Celebs Age Wiki, Jeff is worth between an estimated £812,000 and £4million ($1million and $5million).

However, Net Worth Post suggests he is actually worth a lot more and has an estimated value of £16million ($20million).

Given his multiple businesses and being in the lucrative antiques industry for so long with and working with some high net worth individuals would likely have impacted on his own wealth.

He is no stranger to screens thanks to serving as an expert on Channel 4’s Four Rooms.

With his television work boosting his profile further, Jeff’s bank balance is also likely to be positively boosted in turn.

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The arts expert said he was excited by decorative and unusual items, including a Diamond Dust screen print of Marilyn Monroe, a massive 1936 Boeing Engine Table and a unique multifaceted sideboard made from hundreds of lacquered blocks.

Jeff is willing to splash the cash and spend from £1000 up to £250 000 on items which catch his eye.

Nonetheless, he’s said he’d made mistakes before which had proved “costly”.

He said: “I might make a mistake with one in 100 purchases. It is like betting on 100 horse races – you win 99 of them and lose one! “I’ll play those odds all day long.”

Jeff went on to say about his line of work: “Being a dealer is a wonderful disease though and you don’t mind passing it on to your children.

“Teach your kids about arts and antiques and they will always be able to make a living.”

Rise and Fall airs on Chanel 4 daily at 9pm

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