Game of Thrones fans claim season 8 episode 5 trailer proves return of White Walker dragon in epic King's Landing battle

GAME OF Thrones fans have claimed that the trailer for season eight episode five proves the return of White Walker dragon Viserion as the key characters prepare for an epic battle in King's Landing.

The 30-second clip has no voiceover, with the dramatic scenes instead being teased to the sound of tense music and a ticking clock as it focuses on the suspense leading to the final fight.

However, it is the final second that grabbed viewers' attention, with Euron Greyjoy staring up at the sky – and a look of concern and fear slowly sweeping across his face.

Fans were left devastated during today's episode of the fantasy drama when Euron shot down and killed Rhaegal – leaving Daenerys with just one remaining dragon, Drogon.

Fans have now claimed that the look on Euron's face in the trailer implies that he is seeing something that he isn't prepared for or doesn't know about – and with many believing that last week's Battle of Winterfell wasn't the last that we have seen of the White Walkers, they were quick to speculate Viserion and Rhaegal's actual fate.

Others wondered if Daenerys obtained more dragons following her heartbreaking loss – referencing her long-forgotten lover Daario, who was last seen in season six after Dany ordered him to remain in the Bay of Dragons to maintain peace.

One speculative fan tweeted: "If you've seen the trailer for ep5, Euron looked shocked by the arrival of a dragon & there’s a strong breeze.

"That’s not Drogon, that’s the ice dragon that’s been sleeping beneath Winterfell being warg-ed by Bran."

Another wrote: "I think there are more dragons with that new trailer. Or Rhaegal got resurrected."

A third said: "I'm probably just getting overhyped but the way the trailer's cut for next week's episode and Euron's worried face… is Dany about to wake dragons from stone?"

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Elsewhere in the trailer, Tyrion can be seen tentatively approaching his Queen in the map room of Dragonstone, Jon Snow and Ser Davos arrive at the Red Keep, and the Golden Company are fresh-faced and ready to fight for Cersei.

Cersei is characteristically smug and looks confident about the impending battle, with some comparing her look of glee to her behaviour when she orchestrated a wildfire explosion that killed several key characters in the season six finale.

Game of Thrones' penultimate episodes are traditionally the most epic, gruesome and shocking of all – with Ned Stark's execution, The Red Wedding, and The Battle of the Bastards all taking place in the second-to-last instalment of their respective series'.

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