Gemma Collins’ fiancé Rami praises her as 'a proper mum' to his son – as she admits she hasn't had time for sex

GEMMA Collins' husband to be, Rami Hawash, has showered her with praise for being a 'proper mum'.

Rami gushed about his future wife after the pair recently became re-engaged and how much she's changed since they first met including being a "proper mum".

Speaking on the Secure the Insecure podcast, The TOWIE favourite, 40, revealed she's 'happy and settled', with 'the love of her life' and that lockdown taught her to be comfortable on her own.

When asked if she was ready to settle down, Gemma replied "massively" and described the different versions of herself, including her over the top public persona.

"I find it very easy, very easy to go between the two [Gemma Collins and The GC]," she explained.

"I’m very much Gemma Collins when I put my key in the door and I speak to Ram. Obviously for him, he gets people going, 'Oh you’re going out with the GC'. He goes, 'No, I go out with Gemma Collins'."

She then got her fiancé on the line to describe the difference between Gemma Collins and 'The GC'.

Rami explained: "The difference is, between Gemma Collins and The GC, that Gemma Collins, she’s the beautiful thing to have… she is a very lovely girl. You know, looks after me, she cooks, she’s a proper mum now, she looks after my son. The GC is a bit hard one [sic], you know?"

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Gemma revealed how "out of nowhere, Rami came back" and "the rest is history".

The couple would go on lockdown walks and Gemma was impressed with how "kind" Rami was to her family including dropping off groceries when her dad was sick with Covid.

"We’re so happy, I’ve got a little step son now and I’ve got a really good balance," she said, before revealing the pair want to have kids, but she doesn't have time for sex.

"It’s not all work, I’ve got a great personal life and please God, we go on to have a baby next year, when I’ve got some time – to do what you need to do to have a baby, because I’ve not had much time recently. Sorry, Ram.

"I feel like I’ve got my family now, my own family and we’re gonna be becoming a family and it’s kind of been the best year of my life really."

At the beginning of her TV career, Gemma was not ready to settle down even though Rami was and she know they'd end up back together.

"We came back into each other’s lives when I was probably more settled," she said.

"I suppose he’s got a woman in his life now. I’ve got life skills, I can cook, I know how to do stuff now and he’s so proud of me.

"Even when I got in from work last night, he went, 'I can see how hard you’re working, I’m so proud of you'. He’d lit all the candles in the house and he used to be a bit of a party guy, he’s not into partying any more – well, not as much.

"So I just suppose we’re just both chilled out now."

Gemma reignited her romance with the father-of-one after calling time on her rocky relationship with co-star James Argent.

Gemma first started dating the 48-year-old businessman in 2011, before their engagement in 2013.

They split in 2014, and that's when Gemma started her well documented on/off relationship with Arg, 34.

But that wasn't the end of Gemma and Rami's love story, after they rekindled the flame during lockdown.

And in April, it was revealed that Gemma and Rami had been secretly dating for six months.

Recently Gemma has been seen spending time with Rami's son Tristan and confessed the role of step mum has made her "definitely ready to have a baby".

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