'General Hospital': Eden McCoy on if Josslyn and Jax Should Have More Scenes

General Hospital‘s Eden McCoy has quickly established herself over the years as one of the most talented young actors in daytime television. In an interview, she spoke about working alongside Ingo Rademacher, who plays her on-screen father.

Josslyn Jacks is played by Eden McCoy on ‘General Hospital’

McCoy plays Josslyn, who is the third child of Carly Corinthos and her only child with Jasper “Jax” Jacks. The character was born on-screen in 2009. The actress first began portraying the character 2015. She has been in the role since then and has played the character from her late childhood years to a teenager.

Even though Josslyn is not an adult character, she’s had several big storylines since McCoy has been in the role, most of which were about her romance with Oscar Nero and when he died from an illness. The charactre has also had a key role in storylines surrounding her adoptive aunt, Nelle Benson, including when she tried to take down her mother and her brother, Michael Corinthos.

Josslyn’s friends include Cameron Webber, Trina Robinson and Dev Cersi. The character has also been on the verge of relationships with both Cameron Webber and Dev Cersi.

Eden McCoy on Josslyn’s scenes with Jax and acting alongside Ingo Rademacher

In an interview last year with Michael Fairman TV, McCoy talked about her time on the show so far, including how she was making it turning the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. She talked about working with on-screen dad Ingo Rademacher (Jax) and how she’d like for them to have more scenes.

“From day one of meeting Ingo five years ago, he just made it so comfortable for me,” she said. “We have had a complete connection.  We share so many similar traits.  For instance, we both love the beach and we have a similar drive.  I will say that our relationship outside of the scenes is what makes those scenes what they are and what makes them fun to watch, and why when you’re watching, you feel like, ‘How is this not real?’  So, that’s why he is one of my all-time favorite scene partners.”

McCoy explained, “She grew up watching GH in her sorority house, and her two crushes were Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Jax and I’m their kid on the show!  I remember when I auditioned for Josslyn. I was given a fake script with a fake character name on it, so, we didn’t really know what my family tree looked like, or anything.  When my mom saw Maurice and Ingo in person for the first time, and I remember her freaking out.  I can’t even imagine what it was like for her.  My mom was just as excited as me to have this opportunity.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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