‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ryan Loses It With Laura, Putting Her Even Closer To Becoming His Next Victim

Ryan’s outburst puts Laura in extreme danger on ‘General Hospital’ this week.

Laura’s life has been in danger on ABC’s General Hospital ever since she got back home to Port Charles. During the time she was gone, her husband Kevin was attacked by his twin brother, who just happens to be the town’s infamous serial killer, at Ferncliff and took his place. Not even Laura suspects that the person she believes is her husband is actually someone extremely dangerous. However, she does believe that he needs to seek help for whatever is happening with him.

Laura Spencer Collins is not putting up with any nonsense from the person whom she believes is her cheating husband. A recent preview clip for this week that was shared on Twitter reveals that Ryan and Laura have a confrontation at General Hospital and it appears that she is hopping mad. He must have smoothly told her that she needs to seek some help, but she turned the tables on him quickly.

Laura is seen telling Ryan, “I don’t need to see a psychiatrist, but I think you do.”

Unfortunately, that seems to set Ryan off as the previews for Thursday’s General Hospital has him very angry with her. It looks like he doesn’t take too well being told that he needs to get mental help, especially from Kevin’s wife.

Ryan verbally attacks Laura as he threatens her by saying, “That will be the last thing you ever say to me!”

Little does she know that his words are meant literally. He will most likely calm down and try to smooth things over, but he is very dangerous and could mean exactly what he says. She better watch her back.

Laura is very smart. This verbal attack could bring her to realize that there is more to this man than just the anniversary of his brother’s killing spree 25 years ago. She may just do some more digging but if she keeps it up, she is putting her life in more danger.

Ryan is getting to the end of his rope with her. She may just be next on his list of victims. General Hospital spoilers tease that Chase and Jordan are working diligently to find Mary Pat and Kiki’s killer. Chase has just gotten some evidence that may pinpoint the person who killed them. Hopefully, they figure out soon that Ryan Chamberlain, the serial killer, is loose in Port Charles before he strikes again.

The rest of this week promises to be full of the intense investigation into the murder of Kiki Jerome. Keep watching General Hospital to see if the PCPD will connect a certain doctor, who is not quite acting like himself lately, to the murders.

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