‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ryan Zeroes In On Carly As His Next Victim

Carly Corinthos is in major danger on ‘General Hospital.’

The ongoing saga of Ryan Chamberlain and his growing list of victims have become the main focus on General Hospital these days. He is still on the loose with no one in Port Charles aware that they have a serial killer walking among them with Kevin Collins’ face. He has already made nurse Mary Pat and Kiki Jerome his victims. Is Carly Corinthos next?

All clues point to Carly as Ryan’s next victim to zero in on. As General Hospital spoilers coming from Soap Central indicates, Carly’s concerns mount. She is worried that her Ferncliff neighbor is in trouble and she is using Spinelli’s expertise to figure out who he is. Unfortunately, she disclosed some information to Ryan, not knowing that he is the person she is actually looking for.

Ryan is not happy with her digging into his business. He tried to dissuade her, but she is determined to keep at it. He would be more than happy to get rid of her just because he is so annoyed by her. However, that isn’t quite the way he works. He has his own way of determining who he goes after.

Right now he is out to please Ava Jerome. He hangs on everything she does and every word she says. He killed Kiki because Ava said that either she or her daughter would have to leave town because they couldn’t both stay in Port Charles. Next thing you know, Kiki is dead. At Kiki’s funeral on Tuesday, Ava had an altercation with Carly. She pushed her to the ground after shouting at her that Carly thinks that Kiki’s death is payback for Morgan’s death.

Ava is angry, hurting, and falling hard now that her daughter is gone. She is lashing out and Carly got the most of it. She was civil to Laura after she realized that Kevin’s estranged wife is concerned for her, but Ryan isn’t worried about Laura right now. He now has Carly on his mind, and that can’t be good. When her name was mentioned, Ava angrily said that Sonny and Carly will most likely use the grave confrontation to keep her away from Avery. She threateningly said, “Let them try,” as she walked away.

That seemed to be the green light that Ryan needed from Ava to make Carly his next victim. He mumbled to himself saying, “No, you won’t pay for it, Ava, but Carly will.”

Whatever Ava wants, Ava gets. She has no clue that the person that she leans on the most is killing for her. Laura did warn her that something is terribly wrong with “Kevin.” In fact, she and Carly have come together to figure out what’s going on with him. Carly noticed it, too. They may just crack the case wide open and possibly save Ava, and Kevin, too, from Ryan Chamberlain.

Right now Carly is a target. She has no idea the extreme danger she is in. However, Ryan has no idea who he is messing with. A mobster’s wife seems to be high stakes, even for a well-known serial killer. Keep watching General Hospital this month to see if Ryan makes his move to get Carly out of Ava’s life for good.

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