‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Tease Ava Faces Difficult Decisions And Discussions With Kiki’s Funeral

General Hospital spoilers suggest that the week of December 10 will be a rough one, with plenty of tears being shed — and it all kicks off with Monday’s episode. People throughout Port Charles will come together to bid farewell to Kiki Jerome, but this goodbye will not come without some charged moments.

As the Inquisitr previously detailed, Michael will talk to Ava about breaking the news of Kiki’s death to Avery. Obviously, this is going to be a difficult and heartbreaking experience. However, General Hospital spoilers reveal that it will also be cathartic, in a sense, for Ava.

The latest print issue of Soap Opera Digest shares some juicy General Hospital spoilers related to Kiki’s funeral. Co-writer Shelly Altman reveals that Franco, Scott, and Julian will work together to organize the memorial service. Unfortunately, they will have to deal with some unexpected fireworks.

Initially, Ava will resist even attending the funeral — because she is so overcome by denial, grief, and anger. As viewers know, her relationship with Kiki was in a horrible place before the murder, and Ava is having an incredibly difficult time coping.

However, after breaking the news to Avery, General Hospital spoilers indicate that Ava will pull herself together enough to attend the service. Things get intense when both Griffin and Carly show up to pay their respects — and viewers can expect plenty of drama related to these interactions. Ava will be furious to have both of them there.

SheKnows Soaps shares that as Ava struggles, Julian will do his best to keep things from getting too out of control. In addition, Carly will spend some time at Morgan’s grave. Viewers have noticed how frequently Morgan’s name is popping up once again, and rumors continue to swirl that a recast to bring Morgan back to life may be coming at some point down the road.

Monday’s episode also has more with Margaux and Drew, as she tries to convince him to accept the flash drive from her. General Hospital spoilers share that he’ll be resistant, in part because he’s essentially closed the door on that opportunity. However, he’ll soon change his mind, and accept the drive.

Jason will meet with Oscar after being summoned, and Oscar will ask his uncle to help manage what happens to his Quartermaine shares if he dies. Jason may not think this discussion is necessary, especially at this point, but Oscar will insist that he trusts Jason to handle things the way he wants — when and if the time comes.

This December 10 show will also have more with Mike — and the awkward situation involving Yvonne. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Yvonne’s husband, Marcus, will push Sonny and Carly to keep Mike distanced from Yvonne, feeling that his presence is harming her.

All signs point toward some very difficult moments coming soon related to Mike’s rapidly declining health. Fans have been loving this touching storyline. General Hospital spoilers suggest that there are a lot of powerful moments on the way this week, and viewers will not want to miss one minute of the action ahead.

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