George Floyd To Get Minneapolis Street Section Named For Him

A part of Chicago Avenue in Minneapolis where George Floyd died will be renamed in his honor, city officials have decided. 

The city will refer to the blocks between 37th and 39th streets as George Perry Floyd Jr. Place, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune. The City Council approved the renaming Friday, with Mayor Jacob Frey’s office confirming he will sign off on the change.

Floyd died May 25 in a confrontation with police, sparking protests and riots in Minneapolis and other US cities, as well as marches in foreign countries.

The intersection where Floyd died is barricaded and has a memorial. Demonstrators have occupied the area and said they are determined to stay until the city comes up with funding for antiracism training and a property tax freeze for people in the zone.

Minneapolis had planned to reopen 38th Street this summer, but decided not to when activists said they wanted it left as a memorial.

Other Minneapolis streets named for famous people include Ralph Waldo Emerson, William Cullen Bryant, Washington Irving, and Sir Isaac Newton, among others.

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