GMB fans think Richard Madeley is ‘trying to be Piers Morgan’ amid scathing rant

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Good Morning Britain fans have been left convinced that Richard Madeley is "trying to be the next Piers Morgan" following a scathing rant at the former leader of the Green Party, Natalie Bennet, on Monday morning's show.

The host welcomed her on to discuss the protests which left the M25 at a complete standstill over the weekend.

Madeley was joined alongside Susanna Reid as they flagged to Natalie that a woman has been left paralysed after she was stuck in the traffic while her son attempted to get her to hospital.

As Natalie said the family had her "greatest sympathy", Madeley raged, which immediately saw fans liken him to former GMB host Piers Morgan.

Susanna had told her that the woman could have been protected if they had managed to get her to hospital within six hours, before Richard added: "Now she's paralysed."

Natalie said: "I of course have the greatest sympathy for Chris and his mum and I wish him and his mum all the very best -", before she was cut off by Richard.

He said: "Big deal! That's not helping is it? She's paralysed. She's paralysed because she was stuck in traffic for six hours when she should have been in hospital getting blood thinners and you offer your sympathies?

"I don't think they want your sympathies."

Richard then labelled the protesters "ignorant" of the "pain and suffering" that the M25 protests were causing.

While his rant certainly struck a cord with many viewers, some were immediately recognising traits of the former host Piers Morgan in him.

Taking to Twitter, one user wrote: "Richard Madeley, you are no Piers Morgan, you're not even close. Stop trying to be like him, it's embarrassing."

While another said: "Richard Madeley has more interest in trying to be Piers Morgan."

A third person wrote: "I see Richard Madeley is trying hard to be the next Piers Morgan."

In true Piers Morgan-like fashion, many viewers took to Twitter to express their agreement with the host as he shared his anger at the M25 protests.

Praises of his comments towards the former leader continued online as conversations regarding the protests continued, including MP James Cleverley appearing on the show later on to discuss plans to reduce emissions.

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